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5928Re: The So-Called and Imagined Advantages of ECK Membership

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  • prometheus_973
    Oct 30, 2011
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      Hello Diana and All,
      Gail was as much the
      opportunist and scammer
      as Twitchell. Twit had
      his thing (Eckankar) and
      Gail wanted hers (Sunasu).

      However, I remember
      reading where Paul told
      ECKists not to be selling
      Sunasu at ECK functions,
      but that changed when
      Darwin took over. Klemp
      had to reenforce PT's rule
      and expand it to include
      all items because ECKists
      tend to sell their New Age
      products to other ECKists
      and to even rely upon this
      narrow market in order
      to be successful...........
      Klemp, later, told these
      EK entrepreneurs that if
      this was the case, then,
      their products probably
      weren't all that good to
      begin with.

      The irony:
      This is exactly like it is
      when selling Eckankar!
      It's not that good of a
      product and, therefore,
      it has a narrow market
      and a small following.

      I believe that Gail sold
      her Sunasu Company to
      her sister, who lives in
      California, and that it is
      still sold to some extent
      but is not a very big seller
      nor is it distributed too


      dianastanley wrote:
      I remember, when Darwin
      was the eck, that Gail had
      a seminar about SunaSu,
      that was a vitamin and
      protien supplement her
      an Paul had created, She
      talked Darwin into appearing
      and saying how great it
      was. It was supposed to
      be for the public. As you
      can imagine when the
      eckist heard about it we
      all showed up!!! By the
      way I recieved it free
      every month, so I could
      keep painting for them
      i guess. I did'nt take it
      as it made me sick. This
      is the first time I have
      revealed my dark little
      secret. Now I feel better.
      Are they still selling it
      by the way?

      "Non" <eckchains@...> wrote:
      > This reminds me of the current bombardment of Mormon TV ads. All of these
      persons in the ads try to convince you of how wonderful and normal their lives
      are and the last statement they say is "...and I am Mormon". Ekists will do the
      same thing at first, a wolf in sheep's clothing, hiding their bizarre beliefs.
      > As far as ekankar curing all that ails you? No, in fact It often seems to me
      that there is more of a sense of additional suffering when things don't go well,
      especially health problems. It's kind of like what happened with Steve Jobs. At
      one point in his life he believed that he didn't need to shower because of his
      vegan diet and spiritual beliefs even though his coworkers had filed complaints.
      His beliefs may have opened up a wealth of creativity, but I think he was
      already a creative guy and very intelligent. This did not make him the most
      compassionate of persons, from what I understand about his Biography, even
      though he was supposedly a Zen Buddhist. He was also prone to a similar MAGIKAL
      thinking that ekists fall for. Steve Jobs tried psychics, some kind of macro
      vegan diet, acupuncture, etc., when it is quite possible that he was fortunate
      to have had the type of pancreatic cancer that could have been cured with
      surgery, but he didn't like the idea of someone cutting his body open.
      > My experience with some ekists though, is that when push comes to shove, they
      go with what their doctors tell them they should do, especially if their spouse
      has anything to say about it. It's "as if" they have a split personality. That
      can't feel very good.
      > It's all just MAGIKAL thinking that ekankar and klemp do anything, but may in
      fact cause a form of suffering by keeping them in a state of delusional
      self-contempt and anxiety, as they can't really live up to expectations that are
      always out of reach. Without true compassion, life is just kind of miserable
      IMHO. To err is Human and life is just not that easy, even for the richest guy
      in the cemetery.
      > noneckster ; )
      > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Would anybody like to
      > > comment upon PT's and,
      > > now, Klemp's snake-oil
      > > remedies for all that ail
      > > you?
      > >
      > >
      > > ******************************
      > > Advanced Spiritual Study as a
      > > Next Step on the Road Home
      > > to God
      > >
      > >
      > > Experience the miracle of
      > > spiritual growth A true spiritual
      > > teaching makes a link between
      > > God and you. And it provides
      > > a guide to help make your
      > > journey as easy and direct
      > > as possible.
      > >
      > > Eckankar has an inner and
      > > outer living guide. He has
      > > made the journey into the
      > > heart of God but has returned
      > > to help us on our way to Self-
      > > Realization and, ultimately,
      > > God-Realization. This guide
      > > is the Mahanta, the Living
      > > ECK Master.
      > >
      > > The next step on your
      > > spiritual journey can be
      > > linking up with him through
      > > membership in Eckankar.
      > > You will then experience
      > > the awesome miracle of
      > > advanced spiritual growth—
      > > a life of joy, meaning, and
      > > creativity.
      > >
      > > Who are the members of Eckankar?
      > >
      > > Members of Eckankar (ECKists)
      > > come from all walks of life.
      > > ECKists are homemakers,
      > > businesspeople, and retirees.
      > > They are professionals, educators,
      > > scientists, and farmers. They
      > > come from all age-groups, a
      > > ll races and nationalities, and
      > > all religious backgrounds.
      > >
      > > Like most people, ECKists
      > > have families, careers, and
      > > daily struggles. They live
      > > a life of joyful participation
      > > in the mainstream of society.
      > >
      > > ECKists know they're responsible
      > > for their own experiences in
      > > life. They know tomorrow is
      > > the result of today's thoughts,
      > > feelings, and actions. They
      > > also know that giving love
      > > and service to their family
      > > and community is one way
      > > to increase their understanding
      > > of God's love.
      > >
      > > More about membership in
      > > Eckankar:
      > >
      > > Spiritual Benefits—Reach
      > > your highest spiritual potential.
      > > See the bigger picture of life.
      > > Explore the many facets of
      > > divine truth.
      > >
      > > Discourses—Take the next
      > > step on your spiritual journey.
      > > Study at home or in classes.
      > >
      > > Initiations—Climb the stairway
      > > to spiritual freedom through
      > > the ECK initiations—the direct
      > > link between Soul and Divine
      > > Spirit.
      > >
      > > ECK Activities—Worship services,
      > > introductory presentations,
      > > book discussion classes, seminars,
      > > spiritual fellowship.
      > >
      > > Membership Facts—Individual
      > > and family memberships, publications,
      > > youth study.
      > >
      > > ***************************************
      > >
      > > BTW- I found this info on:
      > > http://www.eckankar.org/Membership/index.html
      > > listed on a FB site:
      > >
      > > https://www.facebook.com/EckankarArizona
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