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5924Re: The So-Called and Imagined Advantages of ECK Membership

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  • prometheus_973
    Oct 29, 2011
      My comments on PT's
      and, now, Klemp's snake-
      oil remedies:

      *Advanced Spiritual Study as
      a Next Step on the Road Home
      to God.

      ME: How did this become
      "advanced spiritual study"
      when Twitchell simply
      plagiarized and/or tweaked
      other religious myths, lies,
      and distortions?

      *Experience the miracle of
      spiritual growth. A true spiritual
      teaching makes a link between
      God and you. And it provides
      a guide to help make your
      journey as easy and direct
      as possible.

      ME: "Spiritual growth" via
      EK is an illusion, especially,
      after years and years of thinking,
      doing, and reading the same
      old crap that is merely presented
      in a new wrapper. Christianity
      has more grandiose "miracles"
      attributed to its teachings
      than does Eckankar via Klemp
      the "Mahanta." Klemp is certainly
      no inner "guide" and the Eckankar
      Guidelines and RESA structure
      Do Not make the "journey
      (through the initiations) easy!"
      Just the opposite... it's tedious!

      *Eckankar has an inner and
      outer living guide. He has
      made the journey into the
      heart of God but has returned
      to help us on our way to Self-
      Realization and, ultimately,
      God-Realization. This guide
      is the Mahanta, the Living
      ECK Master.

      ME: ECKists are taught to
      fixate upon the Mahanta
      during the day and to think
      of him at bedtime. It's no
      wonder that they have dreams
      with him appearing. Fixate
      on anything during the day
      and before bedtime and see
      for yourself what you dream
      about! BTW- How has Klemp
      "returned to help us" when
      he was initiated to his position
      in this lifetime and by a person
      he claims was a Black Magician
      (Darwin Gross)? Klemp even
      claimed to have planned the
      transition with Gross in a
      Sound Proof Dark Room where
      Klemp worked. Thus, if Eckankar
      is the Religion of the Light and
      Sound of God why was Light
      and Sound absent in HK's
      work environment and for
      the two meetings planning
      the transition and the Passing
      of the Rod of ECK Power?

      *The next step on your
      spiritual journey can be
      linking up with him through
      membership in Eckankar.
      You will then experience
      the awesome miracle of
      advanced spiritual growth—
      a life of joy, meaning, and

      ME: "Membership" is the key
      word. Klemp doesn't believe
      in "No Chela Left Behind."
      There is no free anything in
      Klemp's little world. Thus,
      ECKists have to maintain an
      outer paid membership or
      risk losing even their "inner
      initiations." Therefore, there
      are strings attached to this
      primary focus of EK membership.
      ECKists usually deny their
      desire to advance in initiations,
      but will tend to imagine
      themselves higher and more
      advanced with "inner" initiations.
      This is one of many Delusions
      that ECKists use in order to
      cope with Klemp's selfish desire
      to keep himself heads higher
      than any other ECKist! It's
      also a Power trip for Klemp
      since, before ECKankar, he
      was never in a position of power
      or of respect.

      *Who are the members of Eckankar?

      ME: Usually most are good people
      (some are narcissists and control
      freaks and have personality issues),
      but most are screwed up in other
      ways that only a religious belief
      of righteousness can instill.

      *Members of Eckankar (ECKists)
      come from all walks of life.
      ECKists are homemakers,
      businesspeople, and retirees.
      They are professionals, educators,
      scientists, and farmers. They
      come from all age-groups, all
      races and nationalities, and
      all religious backgrounds.

      ME: It's true that most ECKists
      simply replaced their old religion
      with this New Age one which
      is just as dogmatic and distorted.
      Most thought it was a "spiritual
      path" and overlooked the religious
      hierarchy with all the rules and
      requirements for advancement
      in consciousness via initiation.
      Actually there wasn't a problem
      with advancement until Klemp
      took over 30 years ago.

      *Like most people, ECKists
      have families, careers, and
      daily struggles. They live
      a life of joyful participation
      in the mainstream of society.

      ME: That's the problem. ECKists,
      who are H.I.s, are supposed to
      be higher in consciousness than
      the 4th Plane "God" that all of
      the other religions look to and
      pray to for guidance. Yet, they
      are just like everyone else and
      many are much more screwed
      up with their arrogance of having
      superiority via of a substituted
      delusional religious belief that
      is the "highest" and most advanced
      in the world. Then, again, this
      is how any member of any religion
      views others outside of their group.

      *ECKists know they're responsible
      for their own experiences in
      life. They know tomorrow is
      the result of today's thoughts,
      feelings, and actions. They
      also know that giving love
      and service to their family
      and community is one way
      to increase their understanding
      of God's love.

      ME: That's a distortion and a lie!
      ECKists know that their Mahanta
      belief takes priority over family.
      There are many ECKists that, for
      one reason or another, don't have
      anything to do with close family
      members and it's because of ECKankar!
      And, ECKists are encouraged to
      give "service" to ECKankar first
      and community second or third.
      Actually, "service" within the
      community is merely another
      missionary method they use
      in order to infiltrate groups,
      spread their teachings, and
      recruit new members. True,
      ECKists are responsible for all
      that befalls them. Klemp takes
      no responsibility for anything
      negative, although, in these
      lower worlds he shouldn't be
      taking credit for the "positive"

      *More about membership in

      ME: Yes, it's an annual paid
      membership that is required
      in order to advance and to
      maintain initiations.

      *Spiritual Benefits—Reach
      your highest spiritual potential.
      See the bigger picture of life.
      Explore the many facets of
      divine truth.

      ME: ECKankar has many
      Eastern ideas that most
      Western minds have not
      explored and this makes
      it seem unique and does
      get one to think and
      ponder new perspectives,
      however, it all needs to be
      digested with a grain of salt.
      In truth, no religious dogma
      can make these claims when
      the results of "spiritual growth"
      rests upon Soul/oneself.

      *Discourses—Take the next
      step on your spiritual journey.
      Study at home or in classes.

      ME: To become more indoctrinated
      and, thereby, to advance one
      must "re-study" the discourses
      (that Twitchell "compiled") in
      a class setting. This is where
      the dogma will be explained
      and clarified so that the student
      will come to know the parameters
      of this belief.

      *Initiations—Climb the stairway
      to spiritual freedom through
      the ECK initiations—the direct
      link between Soul and Divine

      ME: The "stairway" for 99.99%
      of ECKists stops at the 7th initiation
      and this will take up a lot of ones
      free time and, now, about 35-40
      years. However, there is NO
      "spiritual freedom" as one advances
      up the stairway... just the opposite!
      One becomes more controlled
      by the RESA police and less free
      to think or say and do what you
      might want. All ECKists have been
      instructed Not to gossip, speak
      negatively, and to practice silence
      by going within for answers. The
      problem is always with the chela/
      student and not with the teachings
      or with the "Master." Klemp never
      takes responsibility for his lack
      of leadership or for not advancing
      the consciousness (via initiation)
      of his chelas and H.I.s.

      *ECK Activities—Worship services,
      introductory presentations, book
      discussion classes, seminars,
      spiritual fellowship.

      ME: One has to wonder who or
      what is "worshipped" at the Sunday
      ECK Worship Services (EWS)?
      Basically, it's just an excuse to
      get together like normal people
      (Christians) do on Sunday mornings.
      However, the EWS is more intended
      as a recruitment tool so that ECKists
      can invite family, friends, and
      colleagues to view how friendly
      and "normal" ECKists are. The EWS,
      also, serves as "spiritual fellowship"
      while giving people the opportunity
      to hone their presentation and
      facilitating skills. The intros offer
      the same opportunity to hone skills.
      The discussion classes are a means
      to an end and to become more
      indoctrinated via guidance through
      the dogma.

      *Membership Facts—Individual
      and family memberships, publications,
      youth study.

      ME: It's interesting that there are
      so many "Membership Facts" being
      omitted. It's an annual membership
      donation fee that is required or else
      one will not "advance." A membership
      card will be issued to you with your
      initiation number. A higher number,
      such as 7, is supposed to indicate
      that the EK member is very advanced
      spiritually (on the Inner), but may not
      show/demonstrate this in normal
      (outer) situations. Usually, however,
      ECKists only view other ECKists in
      controlled situations where everyone
      is on their best behaviour.



      BTW- I found this info on:
      listed on a FB site:

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