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  • Austin Atma
    Oct 21, 2011
      "However, what's the need with
      joining another religion? Is it
      a need for being part of a social 
      community? If so, then volunteer 
      or join a secular community group."

      Sometimes I think the more religion, the more difficulty we're having connecting to the internal "pillars" of our own heart, head, and imagination.  And by "own" I just mean self/other understanding and discovery through common sense connections with life and everything in it.  

      All too often we will choose infantile fantasy over common sense and authentic connection.  

      Pass the chocolate and airbrushed reality ;-).


      On Oct 5, 2011, at 2:00 PM, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:


      Hello Aimee,
      Why not simply let your
      ECK membership lapse?

      Christianity is even a bigger
      scam, than Eckankar, since
      most of these churches don't
      follow Jesus' teachings 100%.
      They tend to revert back to
      the Old Testament teachings
      which Jesus had issues with
      and was correcting.

      Here's an interesting approach:

      This is "Science vs Spirituality"
      with a physicist, Leonard Mlodinow,
      who worked on a book with Stephen
      Hawkings and with Deepak Chopra
      who was once involved with TM
      and Maharishi.

      Apparently Chopra was teaching
      Mlodinow about "consciousness"
      (and meditation) while Mlodinow
      was teaching Chopra about physics.
      However, I'm not sure what makes
      Chopra an expert on consciousness
      since Maharishi (his mentor) was
      a conman like Twitchell. TM is a
      religion (a sect of Hinduism), but
      many Western followers see it as
      a "scientific" method to raise consciousness
      and reduce stress.

      Anyway, you might want to
      check it out and/or buy the
      book from Amazon.com

      However, what's the need with
      joining another religion? Is it
      a need for being part of a social
      community? If so, then volunteer
      or join a secular community group.

      Remember, with any religion,
      there's always the pecking order
      i.e. hierarchy and some authority
      figure interpreting scripture for
      you and telling you what to believe.
      Be your own religion! Doesn't
      Soul=Soul? We are all equal in
      Spirit... right! It's all subjective
      and what fits one doesn't always
      fit another, nor was It supposed to!

      Allow Soul's newly found spiritual
      freedom and your own clarity
      of mind to fill-in the void left
      when leaving Eckankar. You are
      no longer Codependent, but it
      takes time to heal. Maybe a 12
      Step Group would help. Check
      the listings in your area.

      p.s. It shouldn't take you as
      long to get your "land legs"
      as someone else like an H.I.
      with 25-35 years in the cult.
      It also depends upon how
      much you bought into it and
      upon your psychologically
      addictive susceptibility.

      The brain-washing becomes
      more intense with each higher
      initiation. Thus, 8th & 9th
      initiates are, truly, lost Souls!
      The higher one goes and the
      longer they stay the more
      delusional and narrow minded
      they become.

      williamsaimee86@...> wrote:
      > My name is aimee. I was
      a part of Eckankar since 1999.
      > My sister and her husband
      are eckist and so are her kids.
      She lives 10 minutes away.
      They worship Harold and many
      high initiates.
      > I have stopped my membership.
      I will cancel it by mail this week.
      My biggest question is how do
      you feel safe in the world with
      out feeling like you need the
      protection of the mahanta.
      > it scared me a lot to take that
      pendant off. What on earth do
      I do to be strong outside of
      eckankar. I think am going to
      go back to christianity.
      > I feel lost. If anyone wants
      to be friends please send me
      a note.
      > I want to get better. How
      long will it take for me to get
      my land legs?
      > Thanks for reading this.
      > Aimee

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