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5896Re: Why Don't ECKists Mention Initiation Wait Time?

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  • prometheus_973
    Oct 20, 2011
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      Hello Etznab and All,
      Sometimes "normal" is
      elusive and the exception.
      First, I can deduce that
      you are not an architect,
      chiropractor, or an attorney...
      if so you would have gotten
      your 5th by now.

      Therefore, I have basically
      two lines of thought (or a combo
      of both) for you not to have
      received the 5th with almost
      25 years of seamless membership.

      1) Do you volunteer often
      and/or hold a local position?
      Have you taken Arahata training
      and other leadership training
      classes? Have you taught Satsang
      classes? Have you helped with
      intros and workshops and/or
      participated in Regional Seminars?
      With that many years the answer
      needs to be YES to all of these

      2) Do you have a good relationship
      with your RESA and an on-going
      regular communication with him/her
      and with local H.I.s? Have you watched
      what you have said to other ECKists
      (bite your tongue) or have you said
      something of a controversial nature?
      Have you said something with a pro
      psychic bent, or been too fixated
      upon EK "history," details, and facts?
      In other words, have you been a good
      soldier and followed orders, rules and
      guidelines without question and talked
      incessantly about the Mahanta's love?

      25 years is a long time not to reach
      the 5th. However, I knew of an ECKist
      who was a 4th for over 20 years before
      finally getting her 5th, but that was
      only due to a change in RESA!


      etznab wrote:

      I've been in Eckankar almost
      25 years.

      My membership has never lapsed.

      My last outer initiation (2000)
      was the 4th. I don't know if this
      is normal, or the exception.

      Prometheus wrote:
      Here're some comments from
      a H.I. who joined in 1972. I don't
      know if he copied it from a brochure
      or if it's his own original words...
      you decide:

      "Eckankar: An individual's spiritual
      path emphasizing Soul's own
      natural and direct inner connections
      to the twin aspects of Holy Spirit
      (aka the Eck), the Inner Light and
      Inner Sound of God. These are
      the twin aspects of Spirit each
      of us, as Soul, are innately connected
      to, know it or not. There is an
      inner guide/teacher who works
      with us on the outer, via books,
      seminars, etc., as well as individually
      on the inner via dreams and
      conscious Soul Travel experiences.

      You explore your past lives and
      the karmic situations you've created,
      learning how to resolve past debts
      and live in harmony with Spirit,
      thus creating no new karma. Zero
      karma means you graduate from
      reincarnations to existing in the
      true (karmaless) spiritual realms.

      As Soul, you are already "hard-wired"
      to do this; explore your spiritual
      realms and how all that relates
      directly to you this lifetime.

      Apparently God doesn't want us
      to remain unknowing and "in the
      dark" forever.

      It's true, it's exciting, and it works.
      Truly Amazing."

      ME: I wonder why he didn't mention
      the "inner guide/teacher" by name
      or title like Klemp or Mahanta? Is he
      embarrassed or simply being intentionally
      evasive and vague?

      BTW- In Eckankar, the "true (karmaless)
      spiritual realms" are found after the 5th
      initiation on the 5th Plane. But, initiations
      are delved out and controlled, now, by
      Klemp's guidelines via the RESA police.
      The standard time to receive a 5th is 15
      years for professionals and 18 plus years
      for average ECKists!

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