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5893Re: Why Don't ECKists Mention Initiation Wait Time?

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  • dianastanley43
    Oct 20 8:53 AM
      More of Pauls bulls--t

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Here're some comments from
      > a H.I. who joined in 1972. I don't
      > know if he copied it from a brochure
      > or if it's his own original words...
      > you decide:
      > "Eckankar: An individual's spiritual
      > path emphasizing Soul's own
      > natural and direct inner connections
      > to the twin aspects of Holy Spirit
      > (aka the Eck), the Inner Light and
      > Inner Sound of God. These are
      > the twin aspects of Spirit each
      > of us, as Soul, are innately connected
      > to, know it or not. There is an
      > inner guide/teacher who works
      > with us on the outer, via books,
      > seminars, etc., as well as individually
      > on the inner via dreams and
      > conscious Soul Travel experiences.
      > You explore your past lives and
      > the karmic situations you've created,
      > learning how to resolve past debts
      > and live in harmony with Spirit,
      > thus creating no new karma. Zero
      > karma means you graduate from
      > reincarnations to existing in the
      > true (karmaless) spiritual realms.
      > As Soul, you are already "hard-wired"
      > to do this; explore your spiritual
      > realms and how all that relates
      > directly to you this lifetime.
      > Apparently God doesn't want us
      > to remain unknowing and "in the
      > dark" forever.
      > It's true, it's exciting, and it works.
      > Truly Amazing."
      > ME: I wonder why he didn't mention
      > the "inner guide/teacher" by name
      > or title like Klemp or Mahanta? Is he
      > embarrassed or simply being intentionally
      > evasive and vague?
      > BTW- In Eckankar, the "true (karmaless)
      > spiritual realms" are found after the 5th
      > initiation on the 5th Plane. But, initiations
      > are delved out and controlled, now, by
      > Klemp's guidelines via the RESA police.
      > The standard time to receive a 5th is 15
      > years for professionals and 18 plus years
      > for average ECKists!
      > Prometheus
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