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  • Sharon
    Oct 18, 2011
      Hi Mish!!

      Great to see you again, it has been awhile!! Liked your post so much, I'd like to make some comments.....

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "mishmisha9" <mishmisha9@...> wrote:
      > Hello, Everyone!
      > I haven't been to the groups in long time, but decided to pay a
      > visit this evening. So nice to see the active discussions still > >going well. Think how wonderful it is to have the freedom to discuss >eckankar and other cult behavior groups in such openness.

      Yeah, I tend to just skim over all my "daily digests" altho every so often I'll find myself posting at ET.

      Yes, it's fantastic to see open discussions! It wasn't at all like that when I first got on the internet back in 1996, knew nothing about it so I ended up at alt.religion.eckankar which was really wild & crazy back then!! Just read there for a day or two, I was shocked, horrified, and confused to see people who had not only left "the master" but were speaking against ekult! And....plagiarism??!! So, I wrote to an HI who was posting there, and was guided to the closed ecklists, where I safely hid out for about 18 months, until I felt spiritually strong enough to go back there and help those poor doomed former members. Well, I woke up pretty fast!!

      This HI did everything possible to keep me away from a.r.e., even going so far as to tell me that it exposed me to "entities", and one person he knew had even reported a bad "entity" coming right out of the monitor screen!!

      Because I was such an actively outspoken former member, back then I got many hundreds of emails from eckists who were at one stage or another of "waking up", and a pretty high percentage were scared to death of being found out that they were even questioning, so there's no way they'd speak out publicly.

      One of "Raphael's" old posts from one of David Lane's old website has been re-posted here & at ET recently. By the time I'd found it, most of it was gone, including the link to "Raphael's Recovery Room".

      So, that's why I started ET, although to be honest, at the time what I really hoped it would be was a "nice" place where former eckists could still be "spiritual". It didn't work out that way, but I think it did what it was supposed to do! And over the years, it's so wonderful to see so many more former eckists not being afraid to speak out publicly!

      I think Colleen Russell was before your time, but she's one of several people who started "groups" for former members - she tried to keep hers private, for former members only, but somehow an eckists did lie & sneak in. As far as I know, former members aren't all paranoid like eckists, "spying" and all that nonsense! Anyway, kudos & thanks to Prometheus for all your great work here, I hope you never retire!!

      Ha, just remembered - when I started ET, it was "OneList", then it was a few other things before Yahoo finally took over!

      Anyway, I'm sort of repeating background & history here, for the benefit of "newbies".

      >The enforced secrecy of eckankar is a signature red flag . . . which >should be the first and only alert one needs to steer clear of a >cult. But yet so many of us fall for it . . . luckily, many are >waking up and getting back their lives.

      I feel a bit sheepish about it, but I truly believed in that secrecy nonsense - for example, not long before I got out, I got all upset because I found my son's discourses under his bed, right next to the Playboys!! <gg> I was horrified, told him he must be very careful not to let non-eckists see them. Is that a hoot? Yeah, right, teenage boys are going to ignore the Playboys!! ROFLMAO!!!

      When I started, not only did I take that secrecy nonsense seriously, I also sort of got stuck on Twitchell's saying that we shouldn't ask questions, because they would all be answered eventually. So, when I got to my first eckbookstudy, for one thing, I was *totally* intimidated to be around all those super-spiritual people, never could figure out how the heck I got "chosen" to begin with. I told the HI that I knew we weren't supposed to ask questions, but could I please ask some? She laughed and said of course I could ask questions - she was great, to be honest - so I asked what happened to Paul - she said he died. And Darwin? She got a funny look and said "He's not the master anymore" and changed the subject. I got the message. Anyway, I was a member for several years before the old-timers really opened up around me, and talked freely. Yes, the secrecy should definitely be a warning sign!!

      > Wishing you all the best! I'll try to catch up on some of the
      > discussions, but frankly I needed a break. Eckankar doesn't mean
      > anything to me . . .

      I know what you mean!! Over the years, there were times when I felt so overloaded & overwhelmed with it all, I needed a break too, but it was really hard to take one because I felt it was very important to be a "reverse vahana", ekult seemed a lot more important, and a major threat to innocent people.

      But now...it just doesn't mean anything to me anymore. Seriously.

      Now, it's just one of so many silly "new-agey" cult groups, and a very "wimpy" one, too. Yes, I still speak out about it, and yes I *will* get a new or expanded website done - I'm much closer to it!!

      But...it's just not important anymore, in either a "positive" or "negative" way.

      >I think someone pointed out that Klemp is seriously mentally ill . .> so full of delusional anger. It would be easier to view him as a >leader of something if he were more personable and fun, but he >isn't. It seems he has had little joy in his life . . . because he >just doesn't know how to function among others. Sadly, his is a life >lost . . . I sort of, kind of . . . pity him really but for his >cruelty to those who worship him. He has stolen their lives.

      And although it's not important to me anymore, this is a reminder that it *is* still a danger to people, and those of us who can speak out, should.

      Harold is a great example of the damage cults do to a person, especially when they get involved at a young age. Okay, it's obvious he had some "quirks" from a young age, like the sort-of hypochondria - for example, his headaches when he was a student at the Lutheran seminary, which turned out to just be because he needed glasses. For those who aren't familiar with his history, he went there not because of any real personal commitment within himself, but just because an older cousin went there. So - he was sort of aimless, wimpy, etc. from a young age. Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that - except he was the kind of person who's vulnerable to cults, people who are often unsure of themselves, low self-esteem, etc.

      So...I'm still here on the internet, speaking out. Because they're still out there lying & manipulating, and hurting innocent people.

      Who knows what Klemp's life would have been if he hadn't gotten mixed up in ekult? So, I feel sorry for the interrupted life and what might have been a normal happy life. Yeah, it doesn't seem like he's had much joy, even in his old stories about his early life & daughter, etc. He was stuck in that dark little eckbox, his mind totally befuddled, his heart & soul shackled by lies.

      Okay, gotta go!! Nice seeing you!! Hope all's well with you & yours!!



      PS - I've got three great-grandbabies now!!!! 18 mos., 6 mos., and 1 month!! And another grandbaby due in March!!
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