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  • prometheus_973
    Oct 10, 2011
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      Hello Tyson and All,
      I agree that the Klemps
      (Harold and Joan) are
      as much frauds, thieves
      and liars as were the
      Twitchells (Paul and Gail).

      However, (IMO) the "Virgin"
      Mary is as much of a myth
      as is Mohammad having a
      "higher consciousness."

      BTW- Isn't it strange/ironic
      that Klemp, as LEM and
      Mahanta, is supposed to
      be a teacher, but isn't/doesn't!
      What new or profound things
      does he teach?

      Being in Eckankar is like
      being forever stuck in
      high school, and not as
      faculty! HK does fulfill
      the role of boss/master/
      superintendent, however,
      via his RESA police and
      his Guidelines (rules).
      Klemp Does Not fulfill the
      role of a spiritual teacher...
      nor do his Arahatas! The
      ECKankar teachings are
      old and redundant and based
      upon plagiarized Sant Mat
      text blended with "feel good"
      and embellished stories.
      These, too, require an
      active imagination and/or
      magical thinking.

      As far as these "stories"
      go, that Klemp adds to,
      clarifies and uses as spiritual
      filler, nothing written in
      an EK publication can
      be challenged because
      it has been "approved."

      In Eckankar only those
      "spiritual" stories having
      "written approval" from the
      ESC can be shared "outside"
      of a small group discussion
      at an EWS, a Roundtable
      discussion, or a Satsang
      class. Even stories shared
      (on stage) at Regional
      Seminars are supposed
      to have RESA approval.
      Trust is a real issue within
      Klemp's RESA hierarchy.

      And, yes, after years and
      years of self-induced brainwashing
      it is still hard to let go of
      the "mahanta" think. Instead,
      I talk to mySelf, Soul, recognizing
      It is both me and Spirit, or
      seeing I AM IT and IT IS ME,
      WE ARE ONE. Actually, just
      seeing, thinking, knowing,
      realizing and reprogramming
      ourselves to see the "WE"
      of Soul = Soul + Spirit is
      a good and more realistic
      spiritual substitute for
      anything else out there.

      It's good to stand on one's
      own two feet instead of being
      Codependent upon a fake
      Master and a phony named
      Mahanta. It's surprisingly
      calming to take the "intermediary"
      out of the equation. For
      Catholics it's like taking the
      priest (and Pope) out of the
      equation. Actually, except
      for how he's selected, Klemp
      and the Pope have a lot in

      Here's a tip for those ECKists
      getting fed up with the B.S.-
      Only "after" leaving Eckankar
      will you experience true Clarity
      of mind (stress free) as well
      as Contentment. It's nice being
      your own "master."


      Tyson wrote:
      I have embraced a lot
      of my beliefs in relation
      to christianity. I can
      never again buy into
      the idea of a god that
      requires a sacrifice.

      Jesus came to teach
      and was killed for it.
      I believe as soul we
      have the capability
      to be aware of gods
      spirits omnipresence.
      I think this is what
      jesus did.

      Now that I dont buy
      into the Mahanta lie,
      I believe Christ, Krishna,
      Siddarta, Mahammed
      all lived in higher

      I love the teachings of
      Paramahansa Yogananda.
      He teaches that christ
      consciousness is our
      higher self. Paul also
      stole from his books.

      The blue star is what
      paramahansa says is
      a manifestation of the
      holy ghost. The holy
      ghost tends to appear
      to people in the way
      they view the sacred,
      thus the virgin mary

      I believe any teacher
      of the spiritual can
      help awaken us to our
      subconscious mind.
      A teacher can help
      but is not necessary
      as Sant mat would
      have one believe.

      Soul = Soul. Your
      own inner self is
      your best guide.
      For eckists the mind
      cloaks this as the
      mahanta or the
      fictional rebazar,
      but actually harold
      is taking credit for
      the divine nature
      that is already present
      within soul. I think
      this is why paul and
      harold both stressed
      dream study because
      waking impressions
      and subliminal messages
      can color our dreams
      thus the eck masters
      come to life.

      What is corny in eck
      is that only harold
      and paul have pictures
      that are not works
      of art (fantasy). The
      dreaming mind loves

      I was into the occult
      at a young age. I have
      had OBE experiences.
      Some were great some
      were scary. I am willing
      to bet that Harold can
      not soul travel at will.

      The tigers fang is
      a perfect title for
      eckankar. The story
      about a lier who
      claimes to have
      fought and killed
      a tiger. One of the
      things I have kept
      from my involvement
      with eckankar is
      a study of hinduism.

      Today I call god Ram
      because it feels comfortable
      and eckist dont use
      this name for God.
      I still catch myself
      saying mahanta just
      as a child I said help
      me jesus. I am getting
      over it.

      Prometheus wrote:
      Hello Aimee,
      > Why not simply let your
      > ECK membership lapse?
      > Christianity is even a bigger
      > scam, than Eckankar, since
      > most of these churches don't
      > follow Jesus' teachings 100%.
      > They tend to revert back to
      > the Old Testament teachings
      > which Jesus had issues with
      > and was correcting.
      > Here's an interesting approach:


      > This is "Science vs Spirituality"
      > with a physicist, Leonard Mlodinow,
      > who worked on a book with Stephen
      > Hawkings and with Deepak Chopra
      > who was once involved with TM
      > and Maharishi.
      > Apparently Chopra was teaching
      > Mlodinow about "consciousness"
      > (and meditation) while Mlodinow
      > was teaching Chopra about physics.
      > However, I'm not sure what makes
      > Chopra an expert on consciousness
      > since Maharishi (his mentor) was
      > a conman like Twitchell. TM is a
      > religion (a sect of Hinduism), but
      > many Western followers see it as
      > a "scientific" method to raise consciousness
      > and reduce stress.
      > Anyway, you might want to
      > check it out and/or buy the
      > book from Amazon.com
      > However, what's the need with
      > joining another religion? Is it
      > a need for being part of a social
      > community? If so, then volunteer
      > or join a secular community group.
      > Remember, with any religion,
      > there's always the pecking order
      > i.e. hierarchy and some authority
      > figure interpreting scripture for
      > you and telling you what to believe.
      > Be your own religion! Doesn't
      > Soul=Soul? We are all equal in
      > Spirit... right! It's all subjective
      > and what fits one doesn't always
      > fit another, nor was It supposed to!
      > Allow Soul's newly found spiritual
      > freedom and your own clarity
      > of mind to fill-in the void left
      > when leaving Eckankar. You are
      > no longer Codependent, but it
      > takes time to heal. Maybe a 12
      > Step Group would help. Check
      > the listings in your area.
      > Prometheus
      > p.s. It shouldn't take you as
      > long to get your "land legs"
      > as someone else like an H.I.
      > with 25-35 years in the cult.
      > It also depends upon how
      > much you bought into it and
      > upon your psychologically
      > addictive susceptibility.
      > The brain-washing becomes
      > more intense with each higher
      > initiation. Thus, 8th & 9th
      > initiates are, truly, lost Souls!
      > The higher one goes and the
      > longer they stay the more
      > delusional and narrow minded
      > they become.
      > williamsaimee86@> wrote:
      > >
      > > My name is aimee. I was
      > a part of Eckankar since 1999.
      > >
      > > My sister and her husband
      > are eckist and so are her kids.
      > She lives 10 minutes away.
      > They worship Harold and many
      > high initiates.
      > >
      > > I have stopped my membership.
      > I will cancel it by mail this week.
      > My biggest question is how do
      > you feel safe in the world with
      > out feeling like you need the
      > protection of the mahanta.
      > >
      > > it scared me a lot to take that
      > pendant off. What on earth do
      > I do to be strong outside of
      > eckankar. I think am going to
      > go back to christianity.
      > >
      > > I feel lost. If anyone wants
      > to be friends please send me
      > a note.
      > >
      > > I want to get better. How
      > long will it take for me to get
      > my land legs?
      > >
      > > Thanks for reading this.
      > >
      > > Aimee
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