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  • prometheus_973
    Oct 6, 2011
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      Hello Mish,
      Good to hear from you!
      Yes, Klemp keeps a tight
      reign on his chelas via
      the RESA police. Members
      must follow the party line
      and think inside the box
      and, mostly, as Klemp
      wants and expects them
      to think. One has to keep
      up-to-date. Other opinions
      and views are not permitted,
      unless, the Eckist can somehow
      show in writing where it
      has been expressed either
      by PT or Klemp. Even then,
      the RESA is left to analyze
      the context of the "scripture"
      and the attitude of the chela.

      The most agreeable of
      disagreements can get an
      H.I. into trouble with the
      RESA, and this can affect
      future initiations and
      assignments to hierarchic
      (settler) positions for the
      EK Higher Initiate.

      Negativity is seen as something
      "bad," although, the Eckankar
      belief is that the Negative
      stream of the ECK came down
      to these lower planes and is
      as essential as the "positive"
      in regard to balance and to

      However, even though Eckists
      seem to express a bipolar view
      toward spirituality they generally
      express negativity towards the
      negative Life Stream of the ECK.
      Balance is key and is lacking.
      Thus, anything in disagreement
      with opinion or dogma is seen
      as negative and wrong or anti-
      Mahanta! Eckankar does not
      allow balanced Points-Of-View.
      There can be only one! LOL!


      mishmisha wrote:
      Hello, Everyone!

      I haven't been to the groups
      in long time, but decided
      to pay a visit this evening.
      So nice to see the active
      discussions still going well.
      Think how wonderful it
      is to have the freedom to
      discuss eckankar and other
      cult behavior groups in such
      openness. The enforced
      secrecy of eckankar is a
      signature red flag . . . which
      should be the first and
      only alert one needs to
      steer clear of a cult. But
      yet so many of us fall for
      it . . . luckily, many are
      waking up and getting
      back their lives.

      Wishing you all the best!
      I'll try to catch up on some
      of the discussions, but
      frankly I needed a break.
      Eckankar doesn't mean
      anything to me . . . I think
      someone pointed out that
      Klemp is seriously mentally
      ill . . . so full of delusional
      anger. It would be easier
      to view him as a leader
      of something if he were
      more personable and fun,
      but he isn't. It seems he
      has had little joy in his life
      . . . because he just doesn't
      know how to function among
      others. Sadly, his is a life
      lost . . . I sort of, kind of . . .
      pity him really but for his
      cruelty to those who worship
      him. He has stolen their lives.

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