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5869A new start

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  • williamsaimee86
    Oct 4, 2011
      My name is aimee. I was a part of Eckankar since 1999.

      My sister and her husband are eckist and so are her kids. She lives 10 minutes away. They worship Harold and many high initiates.

      I have stopped my membership. I will cancel it by mail this week. My biggest question is how do you feel safe in the world with out feeling like you need the protection of the mahanta.

      it scared me a lot to take that pendant off. What on earth do I do to be strong outside of eckankar. I think am going to go back to christianity.

      I feel lost. If anyone wants to be friends please send me a note.

      I want to get better. How long will it take for me to get my land legs?

      Thanks for reading this.

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