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  • mishmisha9
    Oct 2, 2011
      Hello, Everyone!

      I haven't been to the groups in long time, but decided to pay a visit this evening. So nice to see the active discussions still going well. Think how wonderful it is to have the freedom to discuss eckankar and other cult behavior groups in such openness. The enforced secrecy of eckankar is a signature red flag . . . which should be the first and only alert one needs to steer clear of a cult. But yet so many of us fall for it . . . luckily, many are waking up and getting back their lives.

      Wishing you all the best! I'll try to catch up on some of the discussions, but frankly I needed a break. Eckankar doesn't mean anything to me . . . I think someone pointed out that Klemp is seriously mentally ill . . . so full of delusional anger. It would be easier to view him as a leader of something if he were more personable and fun, but he isn't. It seems he has had little joy in his life . . . because he just doesn't know how to function among others. Sadly, his is a life lost . . . I sort of, kind of . . . pity him really but for his cruelty to those who worship him. He has stolen their lives.

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