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5865Re: Eckankar's God is not "God"

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  • prometheus_973
    Oct 2, 2011
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      Hello Etznab,
      No, I don't think Anami Purusha
      was in PT's Eckankar Dictionary.
      IMO, it was added, by Klemp, to
      his 1998 Lexicon.

      However, in this case, it appears
      that Klemp was merely tweaking
      the EK Dogma that Twit, and/or
      DG, had overlooked.

      In the Shariyat Book One, Chapter
      Five, Anami Purusha is:

      "The first focus of action was the
      ruler of the Anami Plane, named
      Anami Purusha."

      But, it seems strange that SUGMAD
      created the Anami Lok where Anami
      Purusha rules and, yet, the Sugmad
      (according to Klemp) resides on
      this same lower 10th Plane. Now,
      why would the great SUGMAD reside
      on the 10th Plane with Anami Purusha
      (a lesser creation) when the Mahanta
      (Klemp) is residing on the 14th Plane?

      BTW- Which Plane does the Mahanta

      Anyway, here's the definition for
      ANAMI LOK from Klemp's first ECK

      "That plane where SOULS are
      reproduced by the Lord of Lords
      reacting upon Itself; the world
      of the Supreme Being, the Sugmad;
      the mighty center of the universes,
      the very heart and core of all life
      and existence. The sound here
      is of the whirlpool, and the word
      is HU; the TENTH Plane; the
      Nameless Plane."

      Interesting that most ECKists
      have never noticed or questioned
      this disparity. It seems this
      info was extracted from Hindu
      or Sant Mat sources early on,
      by PT, and was never tweaked
      to fit in with his new but ever
      changing EK dogma/scam,
      especially, after creating the
      14th Plane "Mahanta" in 1969.

      Either this was overlooked or it
      was seen as a minor issue that
      could always have a fabricated
      ekplanation, if need be, on down
      the road.


      etznab@... wrote:
      > Anami means "nameless", I believe.
      > The Eckankar Dictionary & Lexicon mention a number of Purushas. Sat
      > Purusha, Alakh Purusha, Alaya Purusha, Hukikat Purusha, Agam Purusha &
      > Anami Purusha (Not sure if Anami Purusha is mentioned in early Eckankar
      > Dictionary.)
      > Alternate spellings for Purusha include Purakh, Purakhu, Purukh and
      > Purukutsa. Alternate spellings for Prakriti include Prakrta.
      > Purakh appears in Guru Nanak's Mool Mantra, 1st line (I've seen it
      > spelled Purukh too).
      > http://www.sikhnet.com/oldsikhnet/sggs/translation/0001.html
      > On one site Purakh = soul.
      > http://www.heavenlygardens.org/japjie/japjip0.htm
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      > prometheus_973@ wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello All,
      > > FYI: When Harold Klemp
      > > or any member of the
      > > Eckankar cult mentions
      > > "God" it is not the same
      > > God others worship. This
      > > is a misdirection... a lie!
      > >
      > > According to Eckankar's
      > > Holy Book, The Shariyat-
      > > Ki-Sugmad, and Klemp's
      > > "Autobiography of a Modern
      > > Prophet" (pg.385) the God
      > > that all other religions
      > > worship is Satan, i.e. the
      > > Devil, KAL. Thus, the "God"
      > > of Jews, Muslims, Christians,
      > > etc. is a limited God and is
      > > on a lower plane of consciousness
      > > than any and all ECK Higher
      > > Initiates!
      > >
      > > Yes, EK High Initiates, according
      > > to Eckankar's religious dogma
      > > and according to their spiritual
      > > leader and LEM/Mahanta, Harold
      > > Klemp, have a "Higher" consciousness
      > > than the God that others (non-Eckists)
      > > worship and pray to!
      > >
      > > "God" i.e. Allah et al. is merely
      > > a 4th Mental Plane deity (Satan)
      > > while Klemp is a 14th Plane God.
      > > However, Eckankar's true God,
      > > SUGMAD, is even a few rungs
      > > higher than Klemp, the Mahanta.
      > >
      > > So, when Klemp or his missionaries
      > > use the word "God" it's not what
      > > they mean. They are really referring
      > > to SUGMAD, unless, they might be
      > > thinking of how stupid people are
      > > to think they are referring to the
      > > same God they believe in versus
      > > SUGMAD. To the foolish Eckists,
      > > the foolish public might as well
      > > be praying to EK Higher Initiates!
      > >
      > > For some reason Klemp, the
      > > highest consciousness on earth,
      > > thinks that it's okay to deceive
      > > people with his "common language"
      > > excuse/approach/rationalization,
      > > where SUGMAD becomes "God."
      > > And, of course, ECKists have bought
      > > into this deception because they
      > > don't dare question the methods
      > > of the 14th Plane Mahanta!
      > >
      > > And so it goes on and on with
      > > more and more deception when
      > > ever "God" is mentioned by an
      > > ECKist or by Klemp. One would
      > > think that the Truth would be
      > > important to people who claim
      > > to be so "spiritually" evolved/
      > > advanced as Eckists believe they
      > > are!
      > >
      > > Prometheus
      > >
      > Harold and paul also claim that sugmad is beyond duality and that the
      > universal mind(kal) is the negative pole of creation. Yet paul also
      > uses the hindu name Anami Purusha as a manifestation of sugmad. I think
      > it means inconcievable or unknowable purusha. The name purusha is
      > actually a God that sometimes referes to the universe itself for the
      > universe is the body of purusha. purusha is also considered to be
      > represented as male thus I see duality in this. Prakita is the divine
      > mother(matter) purusha is the divine father(spirit) when the two come
      > together spirit enters matter(lila) thus the divine dance of creation
      > begins. I dont think eckists would like to know that there name purusha
      > came from what I consider a beautiful Hindu myth and they owe there
      > creation to hinduism not the other way around.
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