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5859Re: Eckankar's God is not "God"

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  • dianastanley43
    Oct 1, 2011
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      I don't believe Darwin ever thought he was God. It was a good game and he played it well for a time.
      Harold in my opionion does believe he is God which is a lot scarier!

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > FYI: When Harold Klemp
      > or any member of the
      > Eckankar cult mentions
      > "God" it is not the same
      > God others worship. This
      > is a misdirection... a lie!
      > According to Eckankar's
      > Holy Book, The Shariyat-
      > Ki-Sugmad, and Klemp's
      > "Autobiography of a Modern
      > Prophet" (pg.385) the God
      > that all other religions
      > worship is Satan, i.e. the
      > Devil, KAL. Thus, the "God"
      > of Jews, Muslims, Christians,
      > etc. is a limited God and is
      > on a lower plane of consciousness
      > than any and all ECK Higher
      > Initiates!
      > Yes, EK High Initiates, according
      > to Eckankar's religious dogma
      > and according to their spiritual
      > leader and LEM/Mahanta, Harold
      > Klemp, have a "Higher" consciousness
      > than the God that others (non-Eckists)
      > worship and pray to!
      > "God" i.e. Allah et al. is merely
      > a 4th Mental Plane deity (Satan)
      > while Klemp is a 14th Plane God.
      > However, Eckankar's true God,
      > SUGMAD, is even a few rungs
      > higher than Klemp, the Mahanta.
      > So, when Klemp or his missionaries
      > use the word "God" it's not what
      > they mean. They are really referring
      > to SUGMAD, unless, they might be
      > thinking of how stupid people are
      > to think they are referring to the
      > same God they believe in versus
      > SUGMAD. To the foolish Eckists,
      > the foolish public might as well
      > be praying to EK Higher Initiates!
      > For some reason Klemp, the
      > highest consciousness on earth,
      > thinks that it's okay to deceive
      > people with his "common language"
      > excuse/approach/rationalization,
      > where SUGMAD becomes "God."
      > And, of course, ECKists have bought
      > into this deception because they
      > don't dare question the methods
      > of the 14th Plane Mahanta!
      > And so it goes on and on with
      > more and more deception when
      > ever "God" is mentioned by an
      > ECKist or by Klemp. One would
      > think that the Truth would be
      > important to people who claim
      > to be so "spiritually" evolved/
      > advanced as Eckists believe they
      > are!
      > Prometheus
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