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5858a learning experience

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  • Tyson
    Sep 30, 2011
      Now that I look back at it there are two things that were helpful in my involvement in eckankar. It had me take a closer look at my traditional christian upbriging that I had already started questioning.Second I find being aware of the five passions of the mind to be personally helpful.I am now free of the brainwashing for personal motives started by paul. I have held onto something that paul and harold both talked alot about which is spiritual freedom.The forked tongue teachings in the shariyat do not lead to freedom but spiritual dependence. My christian past had created a lot of fear that I no longer have. I feel that what makes eckankar,paul and harold the biggest hypocrites is that on some level I think they actually do believe in karma. Do they really believe they are above it? or has there greed for the easy life clouded there judgement? I still have a lot of christian in me,but I let go of what is not helpful to me. As in taoism it is said that the tao that can be explained is not the true tao. For me god is the origin of life, the cosmos, has no neads and is a mirror of the soul. In other words what one brings to god is reflected back on him/her(karma). I believe in do as one chooses yet i believe we recieve what we give. Harold claiming to be a lutheran in the past makes me wonder how he lives with himself? He knows eckankar has only partial truths and a large cover up. His past faith as a christian teaches that the first in this world will be last in the next. It also says that one who leads a child away from truth would be better if a millstone were tied around there neck and tossed into the sea. I guess it frustrates me to see him smile at the gullible knowing that I was just as gullible, and at the same time I think he actually believes that he ranks higher than the saints and angels. If that is not a false prophet what is? I believe selfishness is the first sin and probably the worst sin because it is usually behind most of the evil in the world. I think the small amount of truth I found in eckankar I could have found in the sihk religion? Or any path that teaches meditation.