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5857Eckankar's God is not "God"

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  • prometheus_973
    Oct 1, 2011
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      Hello All,
      FYI: When Harold Klemp
      or any member of the
      Eckankar cult mentions
      "God" it is not the same
      God others worship. This
      is a misdirection... a lie!

      According to Eckankar's
      Holy Book, The Shariyat-
      Ki-Sugmad, and Klemp's
      "Autobiography of a Modern
      Prophet" (pg.385) the God
      that all other religions
      worship is Satan, i.e. the
      Devil, KAL. Thus, the "God"
      of Jews, Muslims, Christians,
      etc. is a limited God and is
      on a lower plane of consciousness
      than any and all ECK Higher

      Yes, EK High Initiates, according
      to Eckankar's religious dogma
      and according to their spiritual
      leader and LEM/Mahanta, Harold
      Klemp, have a "Higher" consciousness
      than the God that others (non-Eckists)
      worship and pray to!

      "God" i.e. Allah et al. is merely
      a 4th Mental Plane deity (Satan)
      while Klemp is a 14th Plane God.
      However, Eckankar's true God,
      SUGMAD, is even a few rungs
      higher than Klemp, the Mahanta.

      So, when Klemp or his missionaries
      use the word "God" it's not what
      they mean. They are really referring
      to SUGMAD, unless, they might be
      thinking of how stupid people are
      to think they are referring to the
      same God they believe in versus
      SUGMAD. To the foolish Eckists,
      the foolish public might as well
      be praying to EK Higher Initiates!

      For some reason Klemp, the
      highest consciousness on earth,
      thinks that it's okay to deceive
      people with his "common language"
      where SUGMAD becomes "God."
      And, of course, ECKists have bought
      into this deception because they
      don't dare question the methods
      of the 14th Plane Mahanta!

      And so it goes on and on with
      more and more deception when
      ever "God" is mentioned by an
      ECKist or by Klemp. One would
      think that the Truth would be
      important to people who claim
      to be so "spiritually" evolved/
      advanced as Eckists believe they

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