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5819Re: The Marman's take on Patti Simpson Rivinus

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  • prometheus_973
    Jul 31 3:16 PM
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      Hello Etznab,
      That would be interesting to know
      how Patti and Millie kept Diane
      laughing and "in stitches" over

      I remember that Patti and Gail
      would laugh when someone asked
      PT his date of birth. They thought
      it was funny that he made such
      a big deal of it. Actually, the joke
      was on them since they believed
      Paul was 19 years older than Gail
      versus 33!

      As far as that Navy story in
      "Difficulties of Becoming the
      Living ECK Master"... Paul was
      still exaggerating and joking in
      June of 1971 while recounting
      this story. I'm thinking he meant
      swimming so fast that it was
      "as if" he was running on water
      to escape a shark but changed
      the story to equal what Jesus
      did... except Jesus didn't "walk
      on water" because he feared
      getting eaten by a shark! LOL!


      etznab@... wrote:

      What do you mean kept you in stiches?

      Paul wrote a story about himself walking
      (or was that running?) on water. It was
      during his Navy days, I believe. Apparently,
      there were even witnesses :)

      dianastanley wrote

      Hi guys havn't talked in a while.
      I knew Patti since 1971. She was a
      good friend. when I knew patti she
      was a bit of an iconoclast. Her and
      milli more kept me in stiches they
      would play tricks on Paul. He called
      milli his 16 year old. He could'nt get
      her to stop smoking, I was told
      she finally did,or not!

      I am always sad to see an old friend
      go. At my age that seems to be
      more frequent.

      Diana Stanley
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