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  • prometheus_973
    Jul 12, 2011
      Hello Etznab and All,
      Yes, all one has to do is
      insert some ECK jargon.

      Devil would be Kal.
      Jesus would be Mahanta.
      Bible would be Shariyat.

      So, this person looked at
      scripture (in the Book of
      Mormon) and compared
      it to proven history and facts.

      For the Shariyat (Eckankar's
      BiBle) there's "the Birth of the
      Mahanta" which can be found
      in Book One (CH.6) and in the
      index of the Combined Shariyats.

      In Chapter 6 of the EK Shariyat,
      Book One, it states that the
      Mahanta always has a mysterious
      birth, near a large body of
      water, and is born by a Virgin.

      Let's look at the birth of the
      current (living) and longest
      leader of Eckankar, Harold

      By his own writings we know
      that he was born just outside
      of Appleton, Wisconsin and that
      he had an older brother.

      This fact alone negates, according
      to EK scripture, that he is the Mahanta.
      What else is a distortion or lie?
      Does it matter?


      etznab wrote:

      prometheus wrote:
      The message and views apply to
      both religions Eckankar and Mormon.
      I can see the parallels and similarities...
      can you?

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