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5754Klemp's Trickery of Belief

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  • prometheus_973
    May 3, 2011
      If someone told you that you appeared
      in their dream and were mean to them
      and wanted you to apologize would

      Eckists will sometimes dream of Klemp
      but he has no knowledge of them or of
      the dream. He has to be told of the dream
      in a snail mail letter. Then, he has to decide
      if it was a positive dream in order to share
      it in a talk, an ECK pub, or in another book.
      If it was negative then he doesn't take credit
      for it... that's the fault of the dreamer.

      Anyway, I thought this one-sided relationship
      was worth looking at again. However, I'm
      still puzzled as to why ECKists, who assume
      they are so "spiritually" advanced, don't see
      how someone else could use this same guise
      to scam people. If someone else could use it
      then why don't they think Klemp has? Maybe
      they're tired of looking for a religion and Eckankar
      at least talks about dreams and supports other
      New Age and Alternative Medicine beliefs.

      What's both amusing and sad are two factors.
      The longer one remains in Eckankar and the
      higher in Initiations a person is (6-8) the less
      advanced in consciousness they have become.
      The delusion and the lie has become the truth.
      True, they have become skilled speakers, promoters
      and organizers but that's about it. And, yes,
      the higher the rank the more they are admired.

      The other factor is even sadder. People have
      dedicated their lives and vocations to Eckankar
      and work at the ESC only to discover that it's
      not what they originally thought it was or what
      they thought they would become. They've become
      lost in another meaningless religion. Sure they
      have some ECK friends and they once believed
      that they made a difference and helped to raise
      world consciousness blah blah blah, instead, others
      have become alienated from them as they become
      walking talking ECK brochures. Pete and repeat!
      It's no wonder they dream about that crap! But
      those working at the ESC for all of those years
      are trapped. What else do they have, where else
      could they go? Just keep smiling and giving lip
      service to higher consciousness. Just remember
      one thing, if Klemp can fake it for all of those
      years then you can too! Well, actually, Klemp has
      an easier time at faking it since he's not around
      people all day long.

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