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5750Re: Questions for the Master... Jan/2011 (#3) [Masturbation]

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  • prometheus_973
    Apr 12, 2011
      Hello Diana and All,
      Maybe that was the message the
      staff got from Darwin, but I don't
      recall that there were restrictions
      for the rest of us.

      Klemp, I don't recall, ever said
      anything. Then again, people
      tend to hear what they want to
      hear... it's selective.

      There has always been a lot of
      "hooking up" at major seminars
      and even at regionals! After all,
      it's the ECK philosophy that makes
      it okay. It's the "unfinished karma"

      Therefore, ECKists feel that it's okay
      to resolve their sexual karma without
      taking responsibility for the repercussions
      because, it is taught, one has to resolve
      past life karma in order to move onward
      spiritually. Therefore, a laissez-faire
      attitude develops and seems prevalent
      among ECKists. And, let's not forget,
      5ths Initiates, and above, are karma free.
      So, for them, there are no restrictions
      and anything is okay... they are above
      the law of karma! Still, there seems to
      be some old fashioned rationalizing that
      takes place and the "unresolved karma"
      excuse pops its head up once again!

      That's why there are so many divorces
      and so much dating within Eckankar.

      If things had gone differently, for me,
      I'd probably be at the ESC and hooked
      up with a staffer. Thank goodness that
      my karma and spiritual guidance has
      been followed as it has, "there but by
      the Grace of God go I."


      dianastanley wrote:
      Re: Questions for the Master... Jan/2011 (#3) [Masturbation]

      what Darwin said to his male staff that
      at seminars to keep their pants zipped.
      After the seminar was another matter.

      prometheus wrote:
      > Is the Mahanta a voyeur? It seems so!
      > HK's All Knowing and All Seeing and
      > then endorses and, thereby, encourages
      > masturbation! Which ECKists is he watching
      > the most? What a perv!
      > prometheus wrote:
      > Q: "What are the spiritual consequences
      > of Masturbation? Are there any?" What
      > technique would you suggest?
      > --Wondering
      > ME: Just kidding on that 3rd question?
      > I was just trying to maintain the EK
      > superstition/illusion of The Principles
      > of Three.
      > Answer-
      > HK: "Dear Wondering,
      > ME: I was pretty sure Klemp would say that.
      > But, doesn't masturbation require a certain
      > amount of lust? And, isn't Lust "bad" and
      > prevents one's spiritual evolution?
      > HK: "This stament may shock a few;
      > however, we are not Puritans.
      > Masturbation is a private matter and is
      > an individual's business alone, so no guilt
      > need be connected with it."
      > ME: So, since it's a "private matter" and
      > "an individual's business alone" I guess
      > that means that EK circle jerks are out?
      > HK: "It is a natural function. Masturbation
      > avoids the risk of Venereal Diseases and
      > may well forestall sexual unions and unwanted
      > pregnancies. The latter may lead to calamitous
      > outcomes. Lives are often ruined."
      > ME: I thought choices were "tests?" How are
      > lives "ruined" by a girl getting pregnant and
      > having responsibilities and a baby to love?
      > Anyway, I wonder, is it okay for people to use
      > unnatural devises to enhance the Masturbation
      > process? What do the Klemp's use?
      > Plus, one still has to be careful and use proper
      > hygiene. I'm surprised Harry didn't cover that
      > as well. I can see Klemp's POV on "forestalling
      > sexual unions" since Klemp was always sexually
      > retarded via his arrested social development.
      > He probably still thought girls had "cooties"
      > at age 19! LOL!
      > HK: "So there is no shame in regard to
      > Masturbation."
      > ME: Still, one would think that there would
      > be some Shame and Guilt for ECKists. Is
      > this another EK Paradox?
      > Having Sex, either with yourself or with
      > someone else, requires Lust. Does Harry
      > still Lust after Joan or does he visualize
      > someone else to Lust after while he Masturbates?
      > Lust, according to ECKankar, is a Negative
      > Passion of the Mind and this will prevent
      > spiritual growth and the development
      > of a higher consciousness. It makes one
      > wonder why a "Spiritual Master" is not
      > promoting Chastity of both Body and Mind.
      > Prometheus
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