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5749Re: Why is it called "Brothers of the Leaf?"

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  • prometheus_973
    Apr 12, 2011
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      Hello Diana and All,
      Klemp treats Joan badly as well. He
      made some rude comments to her
      after she sang The Little HU Song
      while onstage at a seminar awhile
      back. Joan was forgetting the lyrics
      and repeating the verses when he
      became agitated with her and said
      to the audience that sometimes he
      has to tell her to be quiet (i.e. shut-up)!

      Plus, I recall HK telling a story, long ago,
      where he gave his 10 year old daughter,
      Marion, some tools to fix their push
      mower since she was the one who
      wanted a lawn to play on. He thought
      she should take responsibility. Yet,
      Klemp never takes responsibility for
      the negative happenings of his chelas
      and H.I.s while promising them health
      and protection. And, what has he ever

      Also, let's not forget that Klemp chose
      not to console his mother and attend
      his father's funeral. Instead Klemp went
      to attend the 1971 ECK Worldwide when
      Darwin was made the 972nd LEM/Mahanta.

      Yes, it would seem that Harold has
      a track record of having a lower than
      normal opinion of women.


      dianastanley wrote:
      prometheus Harold was never comfortable
      around women and treated his first wife

      prometheus wrote:
      > I know that the definition states that
      > the Order of the Vairagi Adepts is
      > comprised of "just men" but "just"
      > can have two meanings. However,
      > it doesn't say "just men and just women."
      > And, it does seem like the Eckankar
      > hierarchy is a boy's club since the
      > term "Brothers of the Leaf," and not
      > the "Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf"
      > is used. It would seem that the "Leaf"
      > thing is like a prep school of sorts for
      > ECK Mastership (The Dangling Carrot).
      > But wait, how about Kata Daki? Is
      > she a member of the Vairagi Adepts
      > and was she also a Brother of the Leaf?
      > She should be called a Sister of the Leaf,
      > right! So, why isn't the name changed?
      > Why doesn't Klemp/the Mahanta make
      > a change? He's always talking about
      > "change" so why doesn't he make any
      > changes himself? Brothers and Sisters
      > of the Leaf... yeah that sounds better!
      > Prometheus
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