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5748Re: Questions for the Master... Jan/2011 (#3) [Masturbation]

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  • dianastanley43
    Apr 8, 2011
      what Darwin said to his male staff that at seminars to keep their pants zipped. After the seminar was another matter.

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Is the Mahanta a voyeur? It seems so!
      > HK's All Knowing and All Seeing and
      > then endorses and, thereby, encourages
      > masturbation! Which ECKists is he watching
      > the most? What a perv!
      > prometheus wrote:
      > Q: "What are the spiritual consequences
      > of Masturbation? Are there any?" What
      > technique would you suggest?
      > --Wondering
      > ME: Just kidding on that 3rd question?
      > I was just trying to maintain the EK
      > superstition/illusion of The Principles
      > of Three.
      > Answer-
      > HK: "Dear Wondering,
      > ME: I was pretty sure Klemp would say that.
      > But, doesn't masturbation require a certain
      > amount of lust? And, isn't Lust "bad" and
      > prevents one's spiritual evolution?
      > HK: "This stament may shock a few;
      > however, we are not Puritans.
      > Masturbation is a private matter and is
      > an individual's business alone, so no guilt
      > need be connected with it."
      > ME: So, since it's a "private matter" and
      > "an individual's business alone" I guess
      > that means that EK circle jerks are out?
      > HK: "It is a natural function. Masturbation
      > avoids the risk of Venereal Diseases and
      > may well forestall sexual unions and unwanted
      > pregnancies. The latter may lead to calamitous
      > outcomes. Lives are often ruined."
      > ME: I thought choices were "tests?" How are
      > lives "ruined" by a girl getting pregnant and
      > having responsibilities and a baby to love?
      > Anyway, I wonder, is it okay for people to use
      > unnatural devises to enhance the Masturbation
      > process? What do the Klemp's use?
      > Plus, one still has to be careful and use proper
      > hygiene. I'm surprised Harry didn't cover that
      > as well. I can see Klemp's POV on "forestalling
      > sexual unions" since Klemp was always sexually
      > retarded via his arrested social development.
      > He probably still thought girls had "cooties"
      > at age 19! LOL!
      > HK: "So there is no shame in regard to
      > Masturbation."
      > ME: Still, one would think that there would
      > be some Shame and Guilt for ECKists. Is
      > this another EK Paradox?
      > Having Sex, either with yourself or with
      > someone else, requires Lust. Does Harry
      > still Lust after Joan or does he visualize
      > someone else to Lust after while he Masturbates?
      > Lust, according to ECKankar, is a Negative
      > Passion of the Mind and this will prevent
      > spiritual growth and the development
      > of a higher consciousness. It makes one
      > wonder why a "Spiritual Master" is not
      > promoting Chastity of both Body and Mind.
      > Prometheus
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