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5731Klemp Spins the Truth to ECK Youth

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  • prometheus_973
    Mar 5, 2011
      In the January 2011 Letter of Light
      "Questions for the Master..."
      a 20 year old ECKist asks Klemp:

      "... ECKankar also says that it is the
      right way and even the best and last

      But why is this being claimed?

      Why should Eckankar be the last
      and best way?"

      Klemp responds, in part, by quoting
      Twitchell's 1970 Shariyat Book One:

      "The path lies with the Mahanta, and
      all who come to him will have salvation
      and liberation from worldly affairs."

      HK: "It adds that loving OBEDIENCE
      on the path of ECK is Required for
      Soul to enter into the Ocean of Love
      and Mercy and so become a Co-worker
      with God."

      ME: Of course Twit and Klemp meant
      "blind" obedience. But, what initiation
      level is required for one to enter into
      "The Ocean of Love and Mercy and so
      become a Co-worker with God?" Is it
      the 12th initiation? What does The Worlds
      of ECK Chart show? Oh, okay. The chart
      shows the 11th Plane is designated as
      the Ocean of Love and Mercy even though
      Sugmad "resides" on the 10th Anami Lok.
      Hmmmm, I guess that Twitch's screw-up
      could be called a... paradox? LOL!

      BTW- Is this another one of Klemp's
      Bait and Switch promises? Why did
      he mention "God" (the 4th Plane deity,
      i.e. Kal, Satan) versus "Sugmad?" Is Klemp,
      once again, being clever and deceptive
      and speaking in terms of half-truths?
      After all, this Letter of Light is a pub sent
      to Members Only so why is Klemp using
      the term "God?" Or, is he actually saying
      what he means? Is this another paradox,
      a Catch-22, or a shell game of... now you
      see it, now you don't!

      HK: "All must prove it to themselves."

      ME: By using their imaginations! But
      how is pretending and self-hypotnosis
      and programming the subconscious
      mind giving one "proof?" All this does
      is create delusion and false impressions
      just like all other religions do.

      ECKists can't even have questions like
      these answered on the "Inner" by the
      "Mahanta." They have to write it down
      and send a snail-mail letter to Klemp
      (the Mahanta) at the ESC and then wait
      for a snail-mail reply in an ECK pub.
      And most letters and 99.9% of the
      questions don't get any written validating
      reply. And, ECKists can't be assured
      that an "inner reply" is from the Mahanta.
      That's the purpose for the letter anyway.

      HK: "ECKankar is the last and best way
      because it offers Soul the fastest, most
      direct way home to God." LOL!