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5729Why is it called "Brothers of the Leaf?"

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  • prometheus_973
    Feb 26, 2011
      I know that the definition states that
      the Order of the Vairagi Adepts is
      comprised of "just men" but "just"
      can have two meanings. However,
      it doesn't say "just men and just women."

      And, it does seem like the Eckankar
      hierarchy is a boy's club since the
      term "Brothers of the Leaf," and not
      the "Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf"
      is used. It would seem that the "Leaf"
      thing is like a prep school of sorts for
      ECK Mastership (The Dangling Carrot).

      But wait, how about Kata Daki? Is
      she a member of the Vairagi Adepts
      and was she also a Brother of the Leaf?
      She should be called a Sister of the Leaf,
      right! So, why isn't the name changed?
      Why doesn't Klemp/the Mahanta make
      a change? He's always talking about
      "change" so why doesn't he make any
      changes himself? Brothers and Sisters
      of the Leaf... yeah that sounds better!

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