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5728It's Easy, Being the Mahanta

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  • prometheus_973
    Feb 25, 2011
      I just looked at the March 2011,
      The Mystic World of Eckankar
      recently sent to me, and Klemp's
      front page article is titled, "Love--
      What Would We Do without It?"
      I'm not sure why "without" wasn't
      capitalized are you? Anyway, it's
      funny how Klemp seems to state
      the obvious and then puts his
      Eckie spin on the topic and adds
      his opinions while tweaking the
      original story.

      In this article Klemp shares some
      "stories" by "Barry" and "Dana"
      while adding his comments and
      putting his own POV and Eck spin
      on them.

      In Barry's EK story he had a small
      potted tree that wasn't doing well
      and Barry became disgusted with
      it and withheld his "love" from the
      tree and it became worse. BUT,
      Barry "knew" the reason why it got
      worse... he had withheld his "love."
      Therefore, Barry, now, gave the tree
      more care and attention and new
      leaves began to appear! WOW!
      Who would have thought that
      some water, light, fertilizer and
      insect spray (plus love) would help
      a plant to grow!

      Anyway, "Barry jokes, 'I am turning
      over a new leaf."' Get it, H.I.s are
      called "Brothers of the Leaf." LOL!

      So, that's quite a "spiritual" story
      the Mahanta is sharing. Eckists
      must really feel Full Of It (spiritual
      food) after all of that was shared
      with them! LOL!

      BTW- I remember a long time ago,
      and even when Klemp was in charge,
      that we were told NOT to share our
      spiritual stories because people could
      ridicule them and it was like "casting
      your pearls before swine." But now
      it's encouraged because Klemp, the
      Mahanta, needs material.

      Okay, next we have "Dana's" story.
      This one involves a cat versus a
      plant as in "Barry's" story. Oh, I
      also see that Klemp is doing some
      name dropping as well. Kata Daki
      is mentioned probably because this
      is the Only Female EK Master, and
      "Dana" is female. Prajapati is mentioned
      because he is the EK Master over
      animals and Dana has a cat. I wonder,
      which Catholic Saints would these
      EK Masters correspond to. Mother
      Mary for women (?) and which for
      animals... St. Francis!

      So, let's get on with Dana's story
      that Klemp is modifying/tweeking.
      Okay, Dana is a teacher's aide and
      over the years has developed "fears,
      worries, and problems" and unable
      to "turn them over to the Mahanta
      for resolution." Therefore, these
      ECK Masters have come to her now
      "to show her how to let go of some
      cares and fears."

      Why did they (the Mahanta/Klemp)
      wait so long in showing up since
      HK stated that Dana has "Over the
      years," been "hounded by fear" etc.
      Apparently, most ECKists tend to
      overlook details because faith
      requires total belief, a blind eye,
      and a deaf ear. But, this is what
      makes being the Mahanta so easy!

      So, Klemp states that Dana's problems
      were what helped her to open her heart.
      WOW! I guess that most of the world
      is experiencing this same "spiritual"
      lesson! Anyway, Dana next begins to
      look for "signs." She saw a large orange
      cat (versus blue?) sitting on a driveway
      across the street and that triggered
      a connection to an ECK Master, of course!

      Dana had been to that school before
      and had never seen that cat before.
      Strange! After her meeting she came
      outside and the cat was gone! Another
      mysterious event (sign)!

      Dana needed to return to that school
      (building) later that day, but decided
      to go to a park to do a spiritual exercise.
      I guess that this is another reason for
      Klemp choosing this story. It includes
      "instructions" and the "need" for doing
      the S.E. This is very basic stuff taught
      since day one. Okay, so "Dana" decides
      to do the "Snow Ball" technique. This is
      kind of funny, for me, because I taught
      this same Snow Ball technique in a workshop
      probably some 25 years ago.

      So, Dana starts out with a HU. Klemp
      was able to get that into the story as
      well... very good, but predictable.
      Anyway, after the S.E. she returns to
      school for her meeting. BTW- The "cat"
      was not across the street. Hmmm, very
      mysterious. She still had time for her
      meeting and decided to do a brief HU
      before going inside and then she heard
      a thump on the side of her car. Okay,
      can anyone guess what just happened?
      Really, this is a "spiritual sign" and a
      minor miracle at least! Come on, guess
      what caused the "thump." Right, it was
      that orange cat! He was perched on her
      side mirror and then jumped in through
      her open window. Oh btw, before he jumped
      in Dana says that he first peered in "as if
      to say, 'Let me in, will you?" As if? Really?
      Wow! Pretending can lead to serious
      delusions, but that's what religion is
      all about... imagining what you want
      and need.

      Okay, back to the cat and the moral
      of the story. The cat jumped in and
      crossed to the passenger seat and
      "curled up into a ball (you know, like
      a furry snow ball), and purred." The
      cat "showed Absolutely No Fear."

      Now, either Dana or Klemp, I'm not
      sure which reads the cat's mind.
      "He sensed that Dana needed to
      leave. He jumped into the backseat
      and waited for her to open the back
      door. Then he made a graceful exit.
      Such unconditional love!"

      Interesting that Klemp uses the terms
      "graceful" and then "unconditional
      love." See how easy it is to for "spiritual
      signs" to pop up! So, Dana has been
      going through a tough time for years
      and it took this long for a cat to jump
      through her open window while sitting
      in a parking lot and for her to turn this
      into an experience with an EK Master
      and to receive unconditional love. Why
      does she need someone outside of herself
      as Soul to look to?

      "Dana knew the Mahanta was telling
      her to keep doing what she was doing
      and let him take care of her worries,
      fear, and problems. And to venture out,
      to accept love that comes her way. What
      would we do without love?"

      Thus, belief in Klemp/the Mahanta, is
      a mental thing as it is with all other
      religions. It's what you make of it and
      what you see and believe to be true.
      One has to use their imagination and
      then give Klemp, or someone other
      than Self the credit when things turn
      out okay. BUT, what happens when the
      Mahanta doesn't come through with
      his promises? Who's fault is that? It's
      never Klemp's fault or responsibility
      even when it takes years for someone
      like "Dana" to have a "spiritual ekperience."
      And it's not until it's, finally, validated
      in writing, via snail mail, by Klemp.