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  • etznab18
    Feb 12, 2011
      Concerning Ruth and Noah Samuelson's critique of Eckankar, the subject of Egypt was mentioned extensively. IMO. And, to be quite frank, I believe they effectively "demonized" Egyptian mythology somewhat.

      It's not the first time (IMO) because The Bible, for example, "demonized" Egypt (somewhat)too.

      Now, do we really know that Moses and Pharaoh threw down staffs that later turned into serpents? Or is that a myth, fable?

      From a page about the subject (last paragraph):

      Changing Aaron's staff into a serpent is significant for another reason. This is the same staff that will be used with God's power to initiate the plagues and to part the Red Sea, events which will give protection and life to Israel but bring death to the Egyptians.88 As Currid states, the contest was not between Moses and Pharaoh, or between Israel and Egypt, but between Yahweh and Pharaoh, who was considered a god, and who was supposedly imbued with the special powers of his station. The miraculous signs given to Moses and Aaron challenged the potency and deity of Pharaoh, who personified the power of Egypt and whose crown bore the cobra, symbol of supremacy.89


      Going back to Ruth and Noah Samuelson:


      We are not members of any Christian organization or anti-cult group. We just want to share what we have found and to alert unsuspecting members, and the public generally, to the true nature of Eckankar.


      Ruth and Noah Samuelson
      October 10, 2008

      p.s. A copy of this article has been posted on Scribd, the online document-sharing archive.


      Read the first paragraph and the connection with Egypt becomes apparent.

      Short Summary

      Eckankar, a New Age religion with its worldwide headquarters in Minneapolis, is deceiving its members as to its true origin and purpose. It is not a spiritual organization but a disguised form of advanced Freemasonry. It was created by its founder, Paul Twitchell, in 1965, to promote worship of the gods of ancient Egypt. Not only did Twitchell plagiarize the writings of other authors to a shameless degree, but he deliberately concocted his teaching as a covert way of getting naive members of the public to worship the magical deities from the Old Kingdom period of ancient Egypt. Eckankar is therefore a disguised occult teaching with a hidden occult agenda. Most of its members appear to be unaware of this. [....]


      In the critique by Ruth and Noah Samuelson the word(s) Egypt (or Egyptian)are mentioned at least 40 times!

      Umm... "a disguised form of advanced Freemasonry"(?) It sounds like "conspiracy theory" to me.

      Numerous writers have written about the Egyptian gods. Other writers fear they - the Egyptian Ennead - are being exploited. The conspiracy theorists, etc.

      "A new religion is taking shape in the name of the Great Heliopolitan Ennead. Already, as we have seen, many obey their instructions to the letter. [....]"

      [The Stargate Conspiracy, Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince, pp. 334-336]

      Ennead means "the nine", I believe. And the number "nine" appears to be what some people question. Whether the Ennead, nine Knights Templar, or "Council of Nine" some conspiracy theorists fear (IMO) that this symbol (and mythology surrounding it) is being used like a "blind" for some mysterious secret cabal with aspirations to rule the world!

      About the Ennead:

      The development of the Ennead remains uncertain. Egyptologists have traditionally theorised that the priesthood of Heliopolis established this pesedjet in order to stress the preeminence of the sun-god above other deities, incorporating gods which had been venerated elsewhere for centuries while ignoring others. [....]"


      Sun-god? Wasn't there something about "sun gods" in The Spiritual Notebook?

      "That authority should be placed upon one who becomes the saviour is not unusual. In Egypt, the Pharoah of old was both a god and the son of a god, and Krishna, the beloved god of India, was one of the countless sun gods. Many men have become gods and many gods have become men. But the Mahanta is the living Light, in the tradition of the ancient sun gods of Asia."

      - The Spiritual Notebook, by Paul Twitchell (Copyright 1971), 10th Printing - 1983, p. 23 (2nd paragraph).

      The subject was touched upon again on pp. 145-146. Including:

      "The sun gods of Asia were given the title of Christ, for it is an ancient title among peoples of the prechristian era."

      - The Spiritual Notebook

      Like in the first quote I gave about the contest between Yahweh and Pharaoh, numerous religions / ideologies are in contest with others.
      IMHO. And in some cases even, winning depends on who can tell the tallest tale, myth, fable, etc. AND HOW MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE!

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