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5706"Religulous" the movie

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  • prometheus_973
    Feb 6, 2011
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      If Klemp would have been charismatic,
      outgoing, a better speaker, and better
      looking etc., etc. Eckankar might have
      been included in Bill Maher's movie like
      Scientology and the Mormons were.

      It is interesting to learn about these
      quotes from the founding fathers:

      "Lighthouses are more useful than churches"
      --Benjamine Franklin

      [I'm assuming this would also apply to the
      Temple of ECK and the Eckankar Church]

      "This would be the best of all possible worlds
      if there was no religion in it"--John Adams

      [Once again, this applies to Eckankar, Religion
      of the L&S of God]

      "Christianity is the most perverted system
      that ever shone on man"--Thomas Jefferson

      [This too applies to Klemp since he was taught
      in an all male Lutheran (Christian) Seminary for
      both high school and college. Thus, Eckankar
      has become more corrupted with the perverted
      influence that Klemp has brought to it.]

      Here's a clip: