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5557Re: Letters to Gail and Her Sunasu

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  • prometheus_973
    Jan 3, 2011
      Hello Etznab,
      It doesn't matter what the date
      was on the phony letter. It too is
      phony. Diana said that Twit did
      these letters "after" he and Gail
      were married and they were married
      in 1963. The key is the copyright
      date in the book and I know it has
      to be after Jan. 1, 1969 because
      "Mahanta" wasn't mentioned until
      then. Twitchell was a conman and
      liar and did all sorts of reediting,
      plagiarism, substitution, etc.

      etznab@... wrote:
      > The first letter is dated December 6th, 1962. The following words
      > appear on the first page (in italics):
      > ECKANKAR
      > ECK Master
      > Rebazar Tarzs
      > MAHANTA
      > This was supposedly the year 1962! Do you think those words appeared in
      > the original? Or did Gail and Darwin (somebody) do some editing?
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      > Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Letters to Gail and Her Sunasu
      > Hello Diana,
      > Thanks for enlightening us about
      > "Letters to Gail." I always thought
      > it was a little too preachy to be real.
      > Paul probably "wrote" them in the
      > beginnings of Eckankar when he
      > needed to start selling himself to
      > the public. By this time he and Gail
      > had been married for at least two
      > or three years. What's the copyright
      > date on "Letters to Gail?"
      > That's interesting that Gail had/has
      > a twin sister. I wonder how much her
      > twin paid for Sunasu? I'm thinking that
      > Sunasu Vitamins are still being sold.
      > Prometheus
      > dianastanley wrote:
      > The Letters to Gail. wer'nt really
      > letters paul wrote and posted to Gail.
      > He made them up so it seemed he
      > was educating her so she knew what
      > she got into when she married him.
      > What a caring man to write that many
      > letters to his future wife!!!
      > Gail sold Sunasu to her twin sister.
      > Diana
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