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5449Why Isn't Klemp Talking About the Zohar?

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  • prometheus_973
    Dec 1, 2010
      I was wondering what the purpose
      is in having a "Living" ECK Master?

      Klemp still promotes, and sells, Twitchell's
      "Stranger by the River" but where is
      Klemp's "current" version of this book,
      or his own unique work? Where's Rebazar?

      And, why are ECKists being encouraged
      to purchase Twitchell's old talks (EK
      history) now in CD format?

      It's another money maker, of course,
      but it takes the ECKist backwards into
      the past and into a state of lower consciousness.
      Then again, these talks do show the
      scam behind Eckankar. After all, according
      to Klemp, Twitchell had been under
      Rebazar's tutorage for years and according
      to PT was given the 12th initiation in
      the 1950s. So it does seem odd that
      Twit never mentions the "Mahanta," and
      other important points, in his 1966 talk:
      "The Way of ECKANKAR."

      Therefore, if Twitchell's works are
      being pushed upon ECKists, what is
      the point with having a "Living" Master?
      Has the "Living" master (Klemp) written
      any Shariyats or anything as worthy
      or as comparable to the books of Twitchell?

      Klemp claims to be a/the infallible Mahanta,
      but as the LEM he is supposed to give a
      "current" view of the world to his followers
      and guide them through tough times.
      Instead, this so-called "Modern Prophet"
      hides away most of the year and talks or
      writes about traveling to the Astral "Sun
      Worlds" with Rebazar and about going into
      the past to Atlantis, etc. in order to renew
      Soul's "golden contract" with the M/LEM.

      Klemp mimics others with generalized doom
      and gloom comments (and EMF fears) while
      avoiding precise predictions... except for one:
      "Eckankar is meant to be here not just for
      decades, but for centuries-- even for millennia."
      But, didn't PT and DG say the same things?

      An EK prediction, The Invasion of the Zohar!

      Doesn't HK agree with Twitchell that an alien
      space race (The ZOHAR) is to come and take
      over the earth? This is mentioned on pg. 243
      of Klemp's first (1998) Lexicon.

      On pages 186-187 Klemp mentions that this
      invasion and "colonization" will occur after
      a "catastrophe in the "twenty-first and twenty-
      second centuries." Also, the ECK Master, SEPHER,
      will be responsible for "the spiritual welfare
      of the Zohar" (those aliens who murder/destroy
      the human race).

      Too bad that good old Sepher didn't have
      more influence over the Zohar prior to the
      invasion! LOL! But how "spiritual" are those
      who invade and annihilate another race?

      So, what are Klemp's views/predictions on
      this EK theology? This is the 21th Century
      and, according to HK, time is running out!
      Tick-tock, tick-tock!

      Klemp should be addressing the future and
      not the past simply because by the time it
      gets into print it's the present or near future!
      The past is too easy to comment upon and
      too easy to do 20/20 hindsight rewrites.

      And, since Klemp is promoting himself as
      a "Modern Prophet" then he should attempt
      to live up to the his own hype. ECKists should
      hold him accountable to address current
      world issues, as well as, these doom and
      gloom EK predictions. Instead, we see him
      attempting to sell more and more EK materials
      which contain nothing new. It's merely
      repackaged and/or put into a current CD/
      DVD/MP3 format. The President and EK
      Board could make those decisions without

      Then, again, the Catch-22 for ECKists is
      that they aren't permitted to complain (it's
      negative) or to second guess the LEM (who
      is also the Mahanta). They are to practice
      the Law of Silence. But, are ECKists always
      expected to practice this EK Law without
      exception? If someone wrongs you or makes
      a mistake then shouldn't you speak up?
      Sure! Therefore, it's okay that they don't
      remain silent on matters of theology. Soul
      equals Soul correct? Thus, why is Klemp
      above responsibility?

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