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5439Re: revelations about ego in ECKankar

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  • prometheus_973
    Nov 19, 2010
      Hello All,
      I enjoyed reading the comments and insights.
      It is said that ego must be used when teaching,
      but ego is always being used for multiple purposes
      in life and in ECKankar. We have thoughts and
      opinions and these are used to make decisions.
      Thus, there is no actual detachment of the ego
      because we hold onto our opinions because it
      is part of our history and what makes us unique.
      That's another thing. Many ECKists tend to become,
      act, or turn off their feelings in order to hide their

      It is taught that to have feelings is "Astral"
      (bad) because it shows "attachment" to the
      lower plane traps that, supposedly, bind Soul
      to the Wheel of 84 (karma). Except, Higher
      Initiates no longer have Karma... they are free...
      but not from Klemp or that Annual Membership
      Renewal. There are always strings attached to
      anything "given" by Klemp. Btw-What is it that
      Klemp gives? He takes and takes and takes, he
      likes to have it both ways, and he can never have
      his teachings (opinions) questioned and have his
      "authority" questioned. But, Klemp will say that
      he's "not perfect" while defining himself (the
      LEM/Mahanta) as being perfect. That's another
      flawed concept that ECKists don't notice. As the
      LEM (a 12th Initiate and ECK Master) HK should
      be perfect on the "Outer" almost as much as the
      14th Initiate Mahanta is on the "Inner." HK should
      not be hampered by the Physical Plane since,
      apparently, Rebazar isn't! Btw- Where is R.T.?

      Also, Klemp teaches that it's good to use a lower
      Astral Chakra (below the Third Eye) which is
      referred to as the "Heart Center." This is why
      having "love" (feelings), i.e. attachments, to
      "innocent" animals seems to be more acceptable
      over human love. One unspoken EK tradition
      is the jumping from one bed or spouse to another.
      It's seen as okay as long as the jilted one is not
      connected to the EK sisterhood. This search for
      a new Soulmate (twin) is even encouraged, to
      a degree, because this is seen, in ECKankar,
      as taking care of unfinished karma... which is
      good! Anyway, Klemp's lovey dovey "Heart Center"
      propaganda seems to be taking ECKists in the
      opposite direction and down rather than up!
      Plus, I never did like it that Klemp still promoted
      the 6th Astral Chakra, the Tisra Til or Third Eye,
      when HUing. Why not the highest Astral Plane
      Chakra... the "Crown" Chakra? Just this fact alone
      caused me to doubt Klemp's abilities and "higher
      consciousness" or "spirituality."

      Getting back to what Avonblue said about H.I.s
      (writers, speakers, and RESAs) placing themselves
      above others with their holier than thou attitudes,
      etc. I knew this one RESA that would use mind
      tricks on her chelas. She would look at them and
      attempt to read their minds. It was funny to watch
      as she intimidated them with her looks by staring
      through them. Of course, once I caught on to what
      she was doing I did the same thing back to her
      and it rattled her because she felt blocked. There
      wasn't anything to the mind reading, of course,
      but my body language and facial expression (back
      at her) simply showed her that I wasn't buying into
      it and this puzzled and confused her. She wasn't
      in control after all. I doubt that she knew that I
      had figured out what she was doing. Actually, I
      noticed other "heavy hitters" doing similar things
      with people.

      There was one former RESA, and speaker, who
      would control the situation by withholding affection
      and this affected certain people. She was always
      friendly towards me and gave me hugs and kisses
      while some of my friends were snubbed and one
      complained to me about it! The only thing I can
      figure is that my one friend, who was snubbed,
      was a very attractive female and this might have
      been a territorial thing. LOL!

      Anyway, it was amusing to watch some of these
      "chosen ones." I learned a lot! I think the RESA
      powers really changed people. Millie, Helen, Elmo,
      and many other old-timers were really nice and
      genuine people who weren't afraid to speak their
      minds on a myriad of subjects rather than the
      confines of what Klemp wanted them to promote.
      After all, what was HK going to do to them that
      wouldn't have some repercussions! This is why
      Ford should have stayed inside ECKankar and
      spoke his mind.


      avonblue wrote:

      It seems the longer I'm away from eckankar the more clear the deception
      becomes. While most eckists would strongly disagree with me, I feel the guise
      of the ego-less path and service to others is a bit of a crock. I wondered what
      others thought about this.

      For instance, initiations were not talked about in detail by eckists (it's an
      eck sin) but their presence was always just below the surface. Not true of all
      but generally the higher the initiation the more self-righteous the individual
      seemed to become. I'd use the word smug - nothing overt, just a subtle "I'm
      better than you" attitude. This was exacerbated in discussion and satsang when
      listening to someone talking about their latest "experience" and how directly or
      indirectly they we're saying how they understood life but the other was simple
      bumbling through unaware. Not to say this was a conscious belligerent attitude
      but more of a subliminal air - very soft undertones.

      "Experiences" especially related to seminar talks are interesting as well.
      First, eck has developed an elitist list of Super Eckists - invited to speak or
      perform time after time. This is true on the national as well as regional
      level. It's a personality thing - eckists "worshipping" these people and trying
      to be seen in their company as well as trying to emulate them. On all levels
      there is an underlying attempt to compare and out do another's experience.
      Exaggeration (I'll be kind) in storytelling is rampant.

      When the "entertainer" Darwin was the LEM, he subtly promoted music as the way
      to God. This became huge on the regional level - a literal eckky talent show of
      mediocre musicians - all trying to prove their god worthiness. Then HK the
      editor brought writing to the forefront - same thing - let's emulate writer's.
      Most of these "creative artists" could never make it in the real world - they
      live by the adoration of their small circle of admirers. And talk about egos!

      I always felt an underlying competition in eckankar on so many levels.
      Freeing myself from this dysfunctional group was the most rewarding "experience"
      I've had to date!

      postekcon wrote:

      Hi Avonblue1212,
      I agree with every point you make, and I'd like to add the following:

      Ekult works by telling its followers how the lower worlds work, ie that which is
      visualized is made manifest. At the same time, it uses this same tool to make
      ITSELF manifest! In addition, the 'service' aspect in ekult is equally
      important, it's another tool to harness the energies of its followers to further
      this manifestation.

      In ekult a 'BAH'hanta humbug figure was created in 1969 and is only kept
      manifest to this day by HK constantly pleading, think of me always, focus on
      moi, moi, moi... and have my picture everywhere!

      This technique has been used by religions and despots alike, whether ancient or
      modern, from the Mayans to Hitler to Ekult. The poeple are told by those, set
      apart as leaders, what to think, how to think and what to visualize! Thus ANY
      concept that the people are encouraged to accept and focus upon, is made
      manifest! Scary stuff!

      I guarantee, if all current ekult followers removed their attention from ekult
      en masse in the morning, henceforth, it and all its aspects would cease to
      exist. Ekult, from start to finish is simply psychism!
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