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5422Klemp's Fear Mongering Message to H.I.s

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  • prometheus_973
    Oct 24, 2010
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      The H.I. Letter - 09/2010

      Klemp: "Dear Brothers of the Leaf,
      These are truly spiritually vibrant times.
      Ripples of large and small earthquakes
      sweep across the earth, and fear grips
      people ."

      [ME]: Why are female H.I.s referred to
      as "Brothers?" "Soul," especially, on the
      higher planes is seen as being Neither
      male (with "positive" atoms) or female
      (with "negative" atoms). Plus, isn't it
      true that the Order of Vairagi Adepts
      are "just men?" That's how HK's first
      Lexicon defines them. So, are females
      being tricked into thinking that all of their
      hard work is actually going to pay off in
      the after life?

      HK: "A fireball meteor crashes into the
      atmosphere and burns up, while buildings
      rattle from its sonic boom, and people
      wonder at the glorious display of light
      moving quickly through the sky.

      Then, too, methane gas suddenly fills
      a West Virginia mine, while on the other
      side of the globe, another coal mine has
      collapsed in China, taking many lives."

      [ME]: Apparently this H.I. Letter went to
      press before the mine collapse and rescue
      in Chile. But how long ago was that? HK
      couldn't mention it because the "all knowing"
      "Modern Prophet" either didn't know of it
      or he didn't know the outcome. Or, maybe
      he didn't want to mention the positive out-
      come because it had nothing to do with a
      Mahanta belief of "protection."

      HK: "On the heels of these disasters comes
      another of a series of powerful earthquakes,
      this time in western China and Tibet.

      Not to forget the eruption of an Icelandic
      volcano. It inconvenienced the plans of
      many travelers and has threatened the
      solvency of financially shaky companies,
      both in Europe and elsewhere.

      In the political arena, which is generally
      unstable, it is now more volatile than ever."

      [ME]: When did Klemp become a financial
      expert? Plus, I would think that earthquakes,
      versus volcanos, would make companies
      more "shaky." LOL! But, really, every business
      is in a "volatile" position because we're deep
      into a worldwide recession! That's the real
      (main) reason for businesses being insolvent.
      Klemp is overlooking the obvious. And, with
      banks freezing home foreclosures, due to
      them "rubber stamping" the paper work and
      taking shortcuts, this adverse effect will delay
      recovery even longer and this delay will put
      even more businesses at risk.

      HK: "Remember also the heavens. Look up!

      Man has launched dozens and dozens of
      satellites into space that now bombard the
      earth with radio waves. They make possible
      a communications network we have all come
      to rely upon.

      However, as the comings and goings of these
      many signals punch through our planet's
      magnetic field, and ours, little or no thought
      is given to possible consequences for us."

      [ME]: Klemp just couldn't get away from
      mentioning his favorite topic, his dis-ease,
      and pet peeve of EMR/EMF (magnetic fields).
      However, what do satellite radio waves have
      to do with EMR/EMF health problems? Isn't
      this a stretch? It seems HK is still self-
      diagnosing himself and is spreading his EMF
      fear via ECK pubs.

      HK: "And what part, if any, does the Large
      Hadron Collider play in the earth's temblors?
      The human consciousness will need to mature
      more before it can deal with the hidden costs
      of such technology."

      [ME]: I like the part where Klemp said "if any."
      Thus, if this new scientific research technology
      Does Not cause problems with "the earth's
      temblors" (earthquakes) then why be a fear
      monger and mention that it might? We'll always
      have earthquakes so why blame science for
      possibly "creating" more of them? Maybe sin
      is also a reason for these earthquakes and
      volcanos? BTW- It seems that the "human
      (mental plane) consciousness" has "matured"
      in order to create this collider in the first
      place. So Klemp's wrong there as well!

      HK: "This is not a time to give up hope.
      Quite the contrary. Now is a rich opportunity
      to look around and try to gather the many
      loose ends, like the reins of two teams of
      horses, and see whether there is a common
      thread amid all the apparent chaos. Yes,
      it is like a dust storm out there, BUT you,
      with the Mahanta's help, can reach a fuller
      understanding of how to make sense of the
      seemingly random events taking place.

      What do they mean? Rest assured, these
      events have great spiritual significance for

      [ME]: Yes, when times get tough and natural
      disasters occur the religions of the world all
      come up with their explanations and solutions
      in order to increase their memberships.

      What I'm surprised to read is that Klemp is
      giving this pep talk to H.I.s! Higher Initiates,
      more than anyone, should be looking at this
      life experience from a different and objective
      perspective with a detached evaluation of the
      times. I'm thinking that Klemp is projecting
      his own fears and doubts upon his followers.

      The attitude to have is to see this life
      experience as a fun filled game. True,
      the game is rigged and no one gets
      out alive, but it can still be fun as long
      as you don't take things too seriously
      or personally. Enjoy: the fun times, your
      loved ones, and your health while you
      can. ALL Memories are important and
      the rest is ad liv.

      p.s. This same H.I. Letter was discussed
      at the High Initiates Meeting on Sat. Oct.
      23, 2010. The meeting was titled:

      "Brothers of the Leaf--The Right Arm of
      the Mahanta"

      "Ask yourself in contemplation 'How am I
      the right arm of the Mahanta in these spiritually
      vibrant times?' Bring your insights to share
      at the meeting; or send them via e-mail
      to hil@... to share with the H.I.
      Letter. Please bring this (September 2010)
      H.I. Letter to the meeting. *As mentioned
      in the September 2009 H.I. Letter the H.I.
      meeting continues to have a new look and
      heightened spiritual focus."

      Hey, how about that! Klemp's having H.I.s
      use e-mail! What about those EMF problems?!
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