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5370Re: Ford Johnson's HCS vs Eckankar - What Ford doesn't do

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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 17, 2010
      Hello Non and Jonathan,
      Interesting thread. I've been traveling
      and away from the computer and just
      now saw these posts.

      I could only read about the first two-
      thirds of Ford's "Confessions" and other
      former ECKists have told me the same.
      The rest of the book didn't interest me.
      I never really found Ford's workshops
      at EK Seminars all that interesting, for
      me, because he seemed to be focused
      upon manifesting success and the talks
      seemed rather business oriented.
      However, Ford is a dynamic speaker
      and just listening to him present his
      ideas was quite interesting and enjoyable.

      Yes, I was at Ford's first HCS seminar
      and was posting on his two sites at
      one time but never did the paid membership.
      HCS wasn't a religion, but it wasn't
      something I wanted to join either.

      I'm, now, an anti-joiner, mostly, and
      when I do "join" something I certainly
      don't buy everything they sell.


      "Non" wrote:
      It's been a while since I read the whole book, but I do recall feeling that the
      first half of the book was the best, and his discussion of religion in general.
      He also showed how the original India version, Rhada Soami was not much better
      or even the Sufi version from which most of the plagiarism came from. He does
      however, seem to believe that eckists would not leave eckankar unless they had
      something to take its place, and so he did try to have a big Seminar in Las
      Vegas and monthly on line spiritual meetings in which they would chant HUM
      instead of HU. Actually, now that I look at what I just wrote, maybe we should
      just go to an ek function and chant HMM? several times in rhythm and inflection,
      about 3 seconds apart. Just doing that makes me feel good and I can feel it
      remove any eckieguilt leftover. : ) LOL

      The problem as I see it, is that there is still too much in the direction of
      spiritual grandiosity. We create all that happens to us, no exceptions, and
      there just isn't enough of the kind of spirituality of Compassion. It's still
      very New Age, IMO.

      I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, that he is open to change and
      evolution of ideas as well as admitting to,"hmm, maybe that part wasn't so good
      or a mistake". Otherwise, it's just more dogma like.

      I'm still waiting for a Spirituality that includes a real sense of the
      Scientific Method. Think of how many Chemists who literally gave their lives,
      because their experiment blew up in their face, yet the periodic table is a
      pretty amazing thing. To some it may be boring, but if you take your time and
      get into newer theories about quantum theory and that scientists can actually
      take pictures of atoms and electrons, etc., well, just think about the fact that
      you cannot read this email without the technology utilized by chemists. And even
      there, they are willing to admit that their theories are just that, and
      creativity and change in thinking and ideas may take that technology to new
      levels that solve problems world wide, including Global Warming, that I doubt
      will be solved by positive thinking it away.

      noneckster ; )

      jonathanjohns96@...> wrote:
      > I thought that I would add another comment on Ford's book.
      > I am a former 29 year member of Eckankar. Yes, Ford was the top speaker at
      Eckankar seminars for many many years. But eventually he saw through Eckankar's
      lies and fabrications and felt it was his responsibility to write a book
      correcting all the unintentional lies he had been telling people while a member.
      Of course, when that happened, members of Eckankar turned on him and said he was
      an agent for the Kal (devil), was based on the mental plane only (not
      spiritual), and was interested in getting rich by writing an expose about
      Eckankar. I know what they said because I was still a member. Funny how these
      same people were praising him the day before he left Eckankar. Yet he was the
      same heart-based individual after he left Eckankar as before he left.
      > Also, there is no anger coming from Ford in his book. Stating that it is there
      is a tactic that members of Eckankar use to discredit Ford. I read the book;
      there is no anger coming from Ford. I strongly suspect that the anger is being
      generated by the Eckists themselves who read the book, and they lack the ability
      to differentiate things properly.
      jonathanjohns96@> wrote:
      > >
      > > All,
      > >
      > > I was over at Amazon.com reading some of the reviews for Ford Johnson's book
      Confessions Of A Godseeker. A person wrote a review that I pretty much agreed
      with, but at the end stated that Ford wanted to make his own spiritual movement
      like Eckankar's. Whether they literally meant that Ford's Higher Consciousness
      Society resembled Eckankar is something I am not sure of. while it is true that
      a lot of HCS does resemble Eckankar, it also resembles the religions that
      Eckankar was based on. Regardless, there a lot of very important differences
      between Eckankar and Ford's group.
      > >
      > > I tried to post a follow-up comment on Amazon, but I couldn't. So I decided
      to put it here. Everything between the two dashed line is my comment which I
      would have posted over there.
      > >
      > > - - - - - - - - - -
      > > Ford did start his own "Higher Cosciousness Society" as he calls it, and it
      didn't impress me either. But your saying "his own spiritual movement like
      Eckankar" is a bit wrong. Let me explain what Ford DIDN'T do in his Higher
      Consciousness Society. These are all things that Eckankar DOES DO.
      > >
      > > Ford
      > > (1) did not copy other's writings and then claim them as his own
      > > (2) did not say "I am God realized. Follow me."
      > > (3) did not say "Sing HU and visualize me."
      > > (4) did not say "Give me your problems. I will solve them for you when you
      are sleeping at night."
      > > (5) did not say "If you leave my group, you will suffer in astral Hells
      until you accept me again."
      > > (6) does not promise that if you follow his routine that you will never have
      to suffer through another incarnation on Earth
      > > (7) does not insist that his way is better than everybody else's,
      > > (8) does not say that every religion in the world sprung out of his Higher
      Consciousness Society.
      > > (9) does not charge a membership fee of over $120 a year
      > > (10) does not spend a ton of money advertising his group. I don't think he
      advertizes his group at all.
      > > (11) does not have an "initiation routine" set up in order to keep his
      members preoccupied with something that has no intrinsic meaning or value.
      > >
      > > At the end of your comment, you also state that Eckankar's techniques are
      better than Ford's. I don't use either, but even if you are correct, what price
      do people have to pay to use Eckankar's techniques? You have to sign your life
      over to the present leader of Eckankar. You have to accept him as you savior.
      You have to promise to dedicate your life to him (that happened to me during my
      second initiation). Ford doesn't require anything like that.
      > > - - - - - - - - - -
      > >
      > > Everybody can feel free to add any additional differences.
      > >
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