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5325Re: What Makes Klemp a Prophet... a second book?

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  • prometheus_973
    Aug 27, 2010
      Hello Jonathan and All,
      In "Difficulties" Paul was
      referred to as a "saviour."

      Actually, HK's "Modern Prophet"
      designation reminds me more
      of Islam's use of the term, as
      well as, the Mormon use of
      "Prophet." Of course HK is a
      14th Plane God while these
      others are relegated to the
      lower planes ruled by Satan
      (i.e. the Devil, Kal).

      Therefore, (IMO) I see less
      connection to Christianity when
      HK uses "Prophet" to describe
      himself. I see it as more of a
      term a cultist would use. I think
      he's conflicted and is doing this
      because he wants to play down
      the "Mahanta" title since the so-
      called Mahanta is 10 Planes above
      the "God" that every other religion
      prays to and worships... this is
      a much higher status than that
      Jesus or Mohamed.

      And, let's face it, Klemp just can't
      live up to the Mahanta Job Description.
      Maybe that's the real reason he
      plays it down. I still don't see why
      ECKists haven't questioned HK's
      qualifications. According to the
      Shariyat 1 he (the Mahanta) was
      to have had a virgin birth. Harold
      was the second child born by his
      mother and was not adopted!
      Thus, Twitchell has been the only
      Mahanta to this date!

      However, that brings up another
      discussion. The Shariyats are said
      to have been merely "transcribed"
      by Twitchell. The original author
      of Book One is listed as Fubbi and
      Book Two's author is listed as Yaubl.
      I wonder why Rebazar didn't dictate
      a Shariyat to Twit?

      Anyway, why are these Eckankar Holy
      Books offered to the public andr to lower
      initiates? Nothing can be reinterpreted
      or viewed from another perspective as
      it is with the Christian Bible. Every
      scriptural interpretation or dream, etc.
      must be validated and approved by Klemp
      before it can be "taught" and/or promoted.
      Klemp has total control. Therefore, why
      even offer this EK Scripture to the EK
      Membership let alone to the general public?

      Yes, ECKankar practices bait and switch.
      One doesn't discover this, and the implications,
      until one becomes indoctrinated and
      brainwashed via trusting all of those
      smiling faces.


      jonathanjohns wrote:

      I can't answer your question about what makes Klemp a prophet, but I would like
      to comment on two other things related to Eckankar's calling Klemp a prophet.

      First of all, Eckankar could easily make Klemps' weekly radio broadcast in
      Chanhassen available on Eckankar.org. I haven't actually looked there, but I am
      assuming that it is not there. Or they could even make mp3s of the broadcast and
      distribute them for free on Eckankar.org. (Ha ha! Fat chance of Eckankar giving
      something away for free!)

      Secondly, "prophet" is a term used widely by Christianity. Islam obviously uses
      it too, but that is a translation from Middle Eastern languages. So I see
      Eckankar's use of the term prophet as applied to HK as another example of
      Eckankar imitating Christianity in order to make themselves more appealing to
      people of Christian ancestry.

      Twitchell used terms like "satguru" and even "avatar," and probably other words
      of Indian origin. Those terms tend to color Eckankar as a religion from India.
      Eckankar is from India, of course, but Eckankar wants to de-emphasize that in
      its initial portrayal of itself to potential new members. So using the term
      "prophet" allows Eckankar to further distance itself from Paul's "India-colored"
      version of Eckankar. Paul's version of Eckankar actually worked for Eckankar in
      the 60s and 70s when the Beatles and others were turning to eastern religions
      such as Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation (TM). But today, Eckankar
      continues to distance itself from that image, at least in its initial
      presentation to non-members.

      So using a Christian term and avoiding an Indian term is really part of the same
      process. The Christian term cancels out any weird-sounding East Indian term like
      "Mahanta." Of course, new members do find out the truth eventually.

      In case any historians like Etznab read this, Paul used the word avatar in one
      of his cassette tapes. I learned the word from him and his tape. And also, he
      mispronounced the word. He pronounced the first syllable like "save." So I
      pronounced the word incorrectly for 30 years, all the way up to when the movie
      came out. And just because I am such a perfectionist, I asked a man from India
      who was in an Indian grocery store how it is pronounced in India. He told me the
      standard American pronunciation with the first syllable pronounced like "have."
      I forgot to mention that the word avatar comes from Sanskrit; that's why I
      assumed that a person from India would know how to pronounce it correctly.

      avatar - Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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