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5309Re: PT's: The Way of Eckankar Series, Lecture Two

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  • etznab18
    Jul 30 4:23 PM
      Checking messages 4977, 4980
      and 4983 I couldn't tell what
      the copyright for that book.

      What year did that come out?
      I mean, the book transcript?


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > The following excerpts are from "Lecture
      > Number Two" [08/1966] of "The Way of
      > Eckankar Series" by Paul Twitchell.
      > "Eckankar as a Path to God:
      > ... But there are actually three major
      > fields, that you can break all of this
      > down in. The FIRST one is the intellectual
      > field or the PATH of the INTELLECT,
      > which is concerned with the mind.
      > This is all of the lower areas of, I'd
      > say the field of the mind... this was
      > actually opened up in modern times
      > by Judge Troward in about 1890, in
      > what he called New Thought... the
      > field of New Thought grew a number
      > of other groups like the Christian
      > Science Church, Church of Religious
      > Sciences and many other groups...
      > It is a field in formal education that
      > we are working in--to sharpen the
      > senses, the physical senses, to get
      > all of the understanding through the
      > physical senses... Now mind you this
      > is all right when we are living in this
      > physical world, but it comes back to
      > the point that this is completely and
      > opposite of the spiritual law and the
      > spiritual action, the modus operandi
      > of Spirit.
      > {more of my caps follow}
      > We come then into a SECOND FIELD,
      > in which we call the COSMIC CONSCIENCE
      > PATH... It can start here in the physical
      > world and it can work up to the SOUL
      > is a word for GOD-ENLIGHTENMENT,
      > or GOD-KNOWLEDGE, or GOD-
      > REALIZATION, which is false terminology
      > for it, BUT we find this is a field that,
      > in which the Vedantas, the Hindu religions,
      > many of the eastern religions will fall
      > under because they are actually working
      > for this COSMIC CONSCIENCE and in
      > other words, they are illuminating the
      > inner senses so that they will have what
      > we term the WORD, WISDOM and
      > KNOWLEDGE. And this is what we're
      > seeking, actually the WISDOM of GOD
      > which is a violation of the LAW of the
      > SPIRIT.
      > I had explained some of this in my
      > August letter [ECKANKAR: Illuminated
      > Way Letters, August 1966, pg.17] which
      > will be out in a few days BUT very briefly,
      > this seems to be the thing. It becomes
      > a fad and a vogue for many people to
      > study the complexities of the eastern
      > religions, to learn how to find their way
      > to God through the illuminated or the
      > cosmic conscience state. Now this of
      > itself is, to me, a wrong path although
      > it is another path.
      > The THIRD PATH is a path of BILOCATION,
      > or that which we know as SOUL TRAVEL.
      > ... This is an Ancient Path, which came
      > out of the misty past. There was Many,
      > Many Centuries ago, ABOUT THE BEGINNING
      > Anyway, it was a religion that was formed
      > out of the SOUL FLIGHT, which has become
      > now as ECKANKAR today. The records
      > of this are kept in the TWO or THREE,
      > I believe it's TWO, very remote monasteries
      > in TIBET, in which they have not been invaded
      > by the Chinese yet.
      > BUT no one will be able to get to these,
      > because it is well guarded and the monks
      > there and the abbots keep a very strict
      > watch over them, and they have some
      > of the records in the city, the spiritual
      > city of Agam Des, which is up in the
      > wildest part of the Himalayan Mountains
      > in what is called the Hindu Kush range.
      > I say some of those peaks there run up
      > into fifteen, twenty-five thousand feet
      > high. And even when planes come down
      > through those mountains out of those
      > Eastern countries like PERSIA and
      > Russia, they have to fly between the
      > mountains. They never fly over them
      > because they go so high that the question
      > of oxygen--they can't get oxygen or
      > the planes pressurized at that height.
      > Well, anyway, what I'm trying to say
      > here--that these are three paths, the
      > overall paths that we follow to that of
      > reaching the Ultimate... the Mental
      > Path... the Cosmic Conscience Path...
      > the Soul Path...
      > We of ourselves cannot change anyone's
      > consciousness. IF we do change anyone's
      > consciousness, then we take the burden
      > of that upon ourselves. In a sense, this is
      > a type of karma. We are putting ourselves
      > in a position of saying that we are actually
      > taking responsibility for making the change
      > within this individual...
      > Now, this is why that many of those who
      > are called High Masters may die of an
      > early age, or die of an affliction, or an
      > incurable disease, is because he, of
      > himself, has picked this up from someone
      > else, and he Does Not in some form
      > throw it off for some reason that it is
      > unknown to us, perhaps that he gets
      > stuck with this, and he Cannot get it out
      > of his consciousness, or he Does Not
      > allow it to go into the stream of the
      > HOLY SPIRIT and be dissolved by
      > itself. The longer that it stays within
      > us, is the harder that it becomes...
      > This point, which I briefly will go to
      > now as to the Seeking of WISDOM,
      > is that which I spoke about a few
      > minutes ago, that WE SHOULD NEVER
      > the ATTRIBUTES OF GOD. And
      > WISDOM is one of the ATTRIBUTES
      > like Wisdom, Love, Karma, Cause and
      > Effect, and the other attributes.
      > We then are only seeking the Lower
      > part, the Lower things of God, instead
      > of seeking the fullness. We must seek
      > the one thing, and the one thing is the
      > Ultimate Reality. And when we do this,
      > then we ourselves must enter in as I
      > said in the last lecture, assume the role
      > of that who is in this state of consciousness."
      > [end]
      > Isn't it interesting that Twitchell [in Aug. 1966]
      > has referred to Cosmic Conscience as being
      > the same as God-Realization! Plus, PT mentioned
      > the Holy Spirit at different times in this lecture
      > and never mentions the ECK. Also, PT mentions
      > the "Ultimate Reality" but not Sugmad! And,
      > there's no mention of the Mahanta either!
      > What's this about Not seeking Wisdom, Love,
      > Karma, and Cause and Effect. BTW- Didn't
      > PT know that Cause and Effect is Karma!
      > Plus, Twit mentions "High Masters" who die
      > at an early age because they are unable to
      > let go of Karma and send it to the Holy Spirit
      > to be dissolved! Is this why Twitchell died at
      > an early age? Reading this was quite fun
      > because I could tell when Twit was making
      > it all up (lying) as he went along during his
      > twisting of facts. Actually, one just needs to
      > see when he's moving his lips to know when
      > he's lying!
      > According to Twitchell Eckankar is actually
      > the "Naacal Religion" from "Venus!" Do EK
      > Vahanas or Klemp ever mention this little
      > known fact to the public or on Eckankar.org?
      > I don't think so! I wonder why not? Isn't this
      > an important part of Eckankar's history
      > and lineage? Why isn't it called The
      > Church of Naacal? Or, Naacal, Religion
      > of the L & S of God. Maybe Klemp should
      > make the change to the original name!
      > Prometheus
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