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5305Re: A Look At the Next 2010 ECK Worldwide Seminar

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  • ctecvie
    Jul 28, 2010
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      HI PETER

      whatever you decide ... you are welcome ... :-))

      For me, life has got an extra dimension since leaving and I think it's just so great to be out. I only have to respect - and maybe overcome - my own limits and not those of someone else ...

      Like you, I have a tendency of being a bit to "faithful" about some things, but eckankar has taught me a good lesson about that and that's good! I can say that I'll never join again another religion or cult or whatever ... I'm just enjoying life so much and am finding the love and the surprises and the protection by life itself - it's not necessary to have a mahanta...

      So, from my experience I can say that I have better experiences now that I am out of eckankar (it will be 6 years soon - time is flying!) than I ever had when I was still in the cult!

      Enjoy reading this and other critical sites and take care! Hope to read more from you!

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, Peter Anton <peterantonrev@...> wrote:
      > This may be my only post to this group before I leave it. We'll see.
      > Although Eckankar has been my preferred spiritual viewpoint for 30
      > years, I have climbed onto the fence to look around due to a lack of
      > personal experience or direct evidence to support claims, or should I
      > say simply, the lore which surrounds the teachings of Eckankar. So I
      > joined this group to entertain my skeptical side, having had a tendency
      > to be a bit too "faithful" about things I have yet to gain real
      > knowledge of. Personal experience is, in my mind, the only thing that
      > proves anything conclusively and then only for the person in question.
      > I have no way of knowing the reality of other people's experience and so
      > I work to have respect for the viewpoints of others and try to find
      > common areas of understanding by offering my perspective and learning
      > from the (hopefully honest and true) experiences of others.
      > So... I am curious whether this group holds to its statement:
      > "We, also, cover the concerns and critical thinking involving the
      > consciousness and workings of ALL societies, religions, and governments
      > and the world as a whole.
      > Let's share our opinions, new insights & perspectives of NOT ONLY
      > Eckankar, but of other religions, organizations, governments and their
      > leaders too. Be respectful to your fellow site members."
      > Or... if it is ONLY a negative, reactionary and closed-minded forum for
      > disgruntled ex-members of Eckankar as also expressed in the description
      > and mainly by Prometheus_973 in the discussion. If so, I have plenty of
      > other better ways to spend my time.
      > Awaiting any new and enlightening information,
      > Peter
      > prometheus_973 wrote:
      > >
      > > It's the "Year of the Teacher" again.
      > > However, words have two meanings.
      > > In Eckankar "Teacher," also, refers to
      > > or means Arahata and this refers to
      > > or means a 2nd Initiate. Aren't ECKists
      > > going backwards? Isn't revisiting the
      > > past each year considered as "Spiritual
      > > Devolution versus Evolution?"
      > >
      > > Klemp and Company are substituting
      > > talk (sharing and stories), social interaction,
      > > feelings from the 4th "Heart" chakra,
      > > Temple tours, retraining classes, HU
      > > chants (with focus on the 6th Chakra)
      > > and entertainment for Spirituality. It's
      > > a Physical, Astral, Causal, and Mental
      > > exercise, especially, when one projects
      > > expectations via the mind's imagination.
      > > BTW-All Chakras (even the highest Crown
      > > Chakra which ECKankar doesn't use)
      > > are seen by them as being Astral Plane.
      > >
      > > So, after 29 years with Klemp in charge
      > > ECKists are encouraged to make an
      > > expensive pilgrimage (during a recession)
      > > to visit the EK Temple and to see and
      > > hear the Klempster in person. This
      > > is odd (or is it? $$$) because one would
      > > think that "the most advanced spiritual
      > > path" on the planet would encourage
      > > "INNER" visitations, meetings, satsangs,
      > > and Worldwide Seminars!
      > >
      > > Why aren't there "Inner" ECK Worldwide
      > > Seminars? Aren't ECKists advanced
      > > enough after all of this time? At least
      > > have an Inner Worldwide for Higher Initiates...
      > > right?!
      > >
      > > Aren't ECKists encouraged to visit the
      > > Physical Plane ECK Temple in Chanhassen
      > > on the "Inner Plane" as well as other
      > > Physical Plane and Inner Plane Temples?
      > > Sure!
      > >
      > > So, why is it necessary to travel to
      > > Minnesota to see and hear Klemp or
      > > to visit the EK Temple there? Do ECKists
      > > need the retraining, or do they need
      > > to reinforce their delusional beliefs that
      > > Eckankar and Klemp are so much more
      > > "advanced" than other religions and
      > > other religious leaders?
      > >
      > > ECKists need to remember one thing:
      > > Keep smiling... it looks good and fools
      > > people!
      > >
      > > Prometheus
      > >
      > >
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