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5290Klemp was the Second Son... No Virgin Birth as Required!

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  • prometheus_973
    Jul 2, 2010
      The 14th Plane Mahanta (Klemp) is supposed
      to have had a Virgin Birth just as (4th, Mental
      Plane) Mithra, Jesus and Krishna.

      Twitchell (Peddar Zaskq) claims to have had
      a Virgin Birth, thus, making him the sole
      Mahanta of Eckankar.

      This Virgin Birth Requirement verified in
      Eckankar's First Holy Book (1970) The Shariyat-
      Ki-Sugmad Book 1.

      In the Index of the Combined Shariyats 1&2,
      on page 504, it states that info concerning
      the "birth of," the "Mahanta" is found on page

      On page 111 (of the Combined Shariyats 1&2)
      it states that,

      "The Mahanta is always born near or on
      a large body of water... The ECK enters
      into the womb of a virgin, the queen of

      However, the term "Mahanta" was never used,
      by Twitchell, prior to his monthly Jan. 1, 1969
      "The Wisdom Notes." Yet, Twitchell claimed
      to be in training for the LEM/Mahanta position
      as early as 1951 with Rebazar Tarzs (also a
      former Mahanta). Eckankar was created
      in 1965, but Twitchell never spoke of the
      "Mahanta" until January 1969.

      So, was Twitchell exaggerating and twisting
      facts about the existence of a Mahanta as
      well as his birth? What's true and what's a
      lie? However, the Virgin Birth Myth is part
      of Eckankar's dogma as is The Garden of
      Eden Myth. (pgs 54-55, Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad
      Book One).

      Also, it should be noted that Harold Klemp
      is the Second Born to his mother. Thus,
      according to the Eckankar Holy Book One
      (pg. 111) Klemp Cannot be the Mahanta.
      And, the fact that he has claimed to be the
      Mahanta shows that he's a deceitful two-
      faced (Kal) liar.

      What's an ECKist to do?

      The Mahanta title, stories, and power were
      first created by Twitchell in 1969 and all that
      is written about an ancient linage is a lie.

      All that Klemp has written about "the Mahanta"
      is a lie as well. And, there's more proof that
      IF there was "a Mahanta" it was ONLY Twitchell.

      Really though, if ECKists somehow do believe
      PT's original lies/myth about the "Mahanta"
      always existing (in this Kali Yuga) then why do
      they believe that Klemp is the Mahanta when
      it states that he's supposed to have had a Virgin

      Klemp, in the past, has mentioned his older
      brother, Dwayne, but not many ECKists ever
      pieced together this fact with the Virgin Birth
      requirement for the Mahanta. Those who have
      seen the contradiction have either had to live
      with it, leave Eckankar, or keep quiet about it.

      It is troubling, but if ECKists can rationalize
      what they have in regard to Initiations, Silence,
      and Surrender it doesn't take all that much more
      "faith" to rationalize and delude themselves further...
      for convenience sake.

      Eckankar is a convenient religion except for the
      "Service" requirement for promotion. That's a
      real pain in the ass, working with idiots, but
      it gives HK's followers something to feel good
      about as they wearily tread in place in their
      "spiritual" waters.

      BTW- This Mithra sounds a lot like the Mahanta
      doesn't he? However, the EK spin is that the
      Mahanta came first... before Mithra. Except,
      why wasn't the "Mahanta" ever mention prior
      to 1969? Why is there no written record of the
      Mahanta, where as, Mithra has a history?

      It's simple... the Mahanta was just another
      creation of the scammer Twitchell and Klemp
      continues to profit/prophet from the handed-
      down scam. But, as long as HK gives these
      weak-minded and needy people some hope
      and purpose in life (while distracting them
      with Initiation requirements and alleviating
      their fear of death) then he feels that he (as
      their "spiritual" leader) is doing them a favor.
      After all, that's what religion does for people!



      p.s. Just curious, but how many Kali Yugas
      have there been... in this universe?

      ECK and All Religions Are Composed of False Beliefs

      Yes, it's true! Eckankar, too, has a "Garden
      of Eden" belief. Look up "Polarians" in Klemp's
      first Lexicon. And, like the Mormons, Eckankar
      has a magic underwear belief... to protect them
      from EMF!

      Here's some interesting info that shows how
      aspects of Christianity were created via using
      (little known) previous beliefs... just as Eckankar
      was created, by Twitchell, via the use previous
      religious beliefs like Sant Mat.

      The Christian Bible was written within a time
      line of 200 years and was pre-scientific. Thus,
      they didn't have Carbon Dating or use scientific
      methods. The Old Testament was written in an
      even more primitive time. Yet, these Bible stories
      are all taken literally and on "faith."

      Klemp talks about Faith too. But, let's get back
      to that EK Lexicon of his and the Polarians and
      THE GARDEN OF EDEN MYTH and of Adom (versus
      Adam) and Ede (versus Eve). Is that EDE(n) like
      in Eden? Twitch was clever with his word and
      letter addition, omission, and substitution wasn't


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