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5289ECK and All Religions Are Composed of False Beliefs

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  • prometheus_973
    Jun 26, 2010
      Yes, it's true! Eckankar, too, has a "Garden
      of Eden" belief. Look up "Polarians" in Klemp's
      first Lexicon. And, like the Mormons, Eckankar
      has a magic underwear belief... to protect them
      from EMF!

      Here's some interesting info that shows how
      aspects of Christianity were created via using
      (little known) previous beliefs... just as Eckankar
      was created, by Twitchell, via the use previous
      religious beliefs like Sant Mat.

      The Christian Bible was written within a time
      line of 200 years and was pre-scientific. Thus,
      they didn't have Carbon Dating or use scientific
      methods. The Old Testament was written in an
      even more primitive time. Yet, these Bible stories
      are all taken literally and on "faith."

      Klemp talks about Faith too. But, let's get back
      to that EK Lexicon of his and the Polarians and
      THE GARDEN OF EDEN MYTH and of Adom (versus
      Adam) and Ede (versus Eve). Is that EDE(n) like
      in Eden? Twitch was clever with his word and
      letter addition, omission, and substitution wasn't


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