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5286The ECKankar H.I. Letter - June 2010 [More on Klemp]

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  • prometheus_973
    Jun 15, 2010
      Klemp starts out telling H.I.s:

      "A short time ago, I consulted a
      homeopath about how to improve
      my general health."

      What initiation was this homeopath?

      Zero! This was a Non-ECKist!

      How valid are her recommendations?
      Can these be taken/followed with
      100% confidence? What's the point?
      Isn't Klemp going to second guess
      her? Of course! Why go at all?

      And, what's wrong with Klemp that
      he doesn't KNOW what he should
      do in regards to his own body and
      general health that he needs to rely
      upon a Non-ECK homeopath? HK's
      the "All Knowing" Mahanta!

      Maybe going to a Non-ECKist is
      the only way HK can get an objective
      opinion or reading. This is part psychic
      right? The "reading" that the homeopath
      does is Astral. Yet, this is acceptable
      procedure for a New Age/Wholistic
      Health Care approach that Klemp

      I know that a homeopath has
      to go through a long training
      and it's costly, but it's not like
      a real doctor... a M.D. So, why
      can't Klemp figure things out on
      his own? He's "higher" in consciousness
      (he claims) than the 4th Plane GOD
      that everyone else prays to!

      Aren't homeopaths more "spiritual"
      in their approach to healing? Why does
      Klemp fall short of using his "spiritual"
      healing or abilities and knowledge
      provided by the ECK for himself, unless,
      he's a fraud!

      ECKists should contemplate upon
      this over the next few days. Why
      does the Mahanta need a Non-ECK
      homeopath to tell him what he should
      already KNOW? If it doesn't make
      sense then something stinks... and
      in this case it's this so-called Mahanta!

      It is funny that Klemp is using his visit
      to this homeopath as an example of "how
      to" get the EK message out to the public
      while overlooking what his visit implicates...
      if ECKists would just give it some thought.


      I've noticed that the African ECKists aren't
      restricted to HK's "Guidelines" as are the
      North American and European based ECKists.
      Why is that? Are they more "spiritually" advanced
      than U.S., Canadian, Mexican, Central and South
      American and European ECKists? Klemp seems
      to have been promoting this view over the years.

      And, is it that there's No problem with Asian
      ECKists following Klemp's Guidelines because
      they are, basically, conformists? That's an irony
      isn't it? ECKists see themselves as non-comformists,
      but have to conform to written and unwritten
      restrictions, rules, spiritual laws, and church
      the RESA "Guidelines" in order to be successful
      at playing Klemp's Higher Initiation game.

      Where's Klemp? Why doesn't he want to travel
      to Major Out-of-State or Out-of-Country ECK
      Seminars? That used to be fun to travel to different
      places and include time for sight-seeing. Klemp's
      not on crutches or in a wheelchair so what are
      his problem with air travel? He's gotten more soft
      and lazy... arrogant too!

      Here's a partial quote from the back page of
      the June 2010 H.I. Letter:

      "Is it possible to get a few more HU: A Love Song
      to God CDs? I'm happy to pay for the postage, as
      quite a few of my friends friends who couldn't
      make it would like one. My aunt told me she played
      it at home the night of the service, and it was very

      What's interesting is that neither Klemp nor H.I.
      Letter staff members replied to this request in
      a notation. Maybe because it was a stupid question
      to expect ECKankar to pay for anything. Let's face
      it... being frugal is, usually, the same as being cheap.

      I was thinking about how the EK Youth view
      their religion. I think that, as we once did, they
      see it as a Journey of individual consciousness.
      That's where we all went wrong by joining a
      religion. One can use some of the things for
      our own individual growth in consciousness,
      but when we allow the Group dogma to restrict
      us and to label us with Initiation Numbers we
      have lost our way. These fear/vanity based
      influences with their grandiose (religious) claims
      are just like every other religion. Only weak
      people need a religion. Sure it's fun to have
      the like-minded social/religious contacts
      but the restrictions (dos and don'ts) get in
      the way. Once again, it all comes back to that
      "Higher" Initiation Number and/or Title that
      ECKists covent. The number somehow equates
      into having a Higher "Consciousness." But,
      ECKists all know (deep down inside) that it's
      not true based upon some H.I.s they have
      come to know. They're idiots and/or assholes
      and always have been! They were when HK
      promoted them!

      This is why rationalizing about the "Inner"
      and "Outer" is important for ECKists. True,
      it does tend to increase delusional thinking
      but "faith" based religions do that. Actually,
      aren't all religions "faith" based? I know that
      one can prove certain things (subjectively)
      to oneself, but religions require more from
      their members. They have to match and go
      beyond what others "experience." It becomes
      a competition, except, they tend to block out
      or deny the miracles and Higher Plane experiences
      of others who are of a different Faith (religion).

      Getting back to the ECK Youth: I know that
      they talk to others who base their faith upon
      scripture, but does the EK Youth? I don't think
      so. I think they talk about Consciousness and
      individual experiences and dreams and using
      this in everyday life. That, of course, is a
      Pollyanna approach to ECKankar. The org
      doesn't work that way and Klemp doesn't
      either! HK's talk isn't his walk. I know that
      ECKists want to believe the best, but belief
      in ones Self and in Spirit is all that's required.

      Donations of Time and Money through Service
      and Surrender to Klemp is Not required for
      ones Spiritual Growth. Actually, it's a hinderance
      because of the Group Think which lowers ones
      Consciousness/Awareness. Just listen to HK's
      redundant, simple-minded, one dimensional
      talks. The books are the same and he has other
      people's stories that are supposed to be testimonials
      that ECKankar works! Except, other religions
      have testimonials (stories) too... and they're
      usually better or more profound! But, by rationalizing
      ECKists see those stories as part of the ECK
      or Spirit and, of course, Klemp has said that
      he is the ECK (Spirit). Therefore, the delusional
      thought processes are fed and are built upon
      because these ECKists fear the Truth. They need
      their ECKankar just as others need their religions.

      All Religions are Kal Traps and are Tests for each
      individual Soul. Regions bring together Groups
      of individuals with similar Karma and/or Consciousness.
      Breaking away from all of them Western and Eastern
      and Off-Shoots is not an easy process but then
      again it's not supposed to be... that's why many
      fail the Test. On the other hand, it doesn't mean
      that one is "spiritually advanced" if they don't
      have a religion, especially, if they've never had

      gotta go and have some fun-

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