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  • mishmisha9
    May 16, 2010
      Hi, Non!

      I agree that it is a good thing to seek out help in dealing with life troubling experiences . . .in fact, I have benefited from some therapy in the past. It is very healthy and a smart thing to do.

      However, recommending therapists might not be so prudent when one really doesn't know the therapist or the therapist's works. I think this is in regard to Colleen not having her advertising of her workshops posted on this site . . .

      Many of us do not know Colleen and beyond wanting to publicize her seminar events, she has not bothered to engage on this message board. But it is not a biggie for anyone here or there as most of us do read other ex eckankar sites where she is allowed to post those things. I'm not sure she has much current eckankar knowledge . . . under the rulership of Klemp. Eckankar certainly has changed from the days of Paul Twitchell. But it would be interesting to know her take on the modern eckankar as well as the olden one.

      I think it would be great if she did share her story here but for some reason she has chosen not to do that . . . .maybe she is tired of sharing? I'm not sure. I'm rather puzzled by that . .. there is a certain give and take on message boards and sharing is very important.

      But yes there are workshops and seminars that might be very helpful and worthwhile . . . but I certainly do not know of any that I would recommend . . . and I would not want to mislead anyone more than I did when I tooted the silly horn of eckankar. I have to step back from that sort of thing . . . I only offer my experiences and my opinions on here, that is all I can do. Whether it is helpful to anyone . . . who knows?

      Well, back to fun things in life! : )


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "Non" <eckchains@...> wrote:
      > I personally enjoy attending Cult busting seminars and would like to be part of a real person group. Some of us need to talk to a real person who understands or at least is compassionate enough and professional enough to help me transition away from that Cult mentality. On line, to me is often very risky and it can be difficult to trust who you are really corresponding with and what their true intentions are. A trained, professional Psychotherapist is bound by certain ethical standards that are actually enforceable.
      > It would be nice if more of these anti cult Therapy groups could get some kind of funding or help from a benefactor, for those of us who can't afford much, but many eckists seem to be able to afford spending lots of money supporting eckankar.
      > Quite often, those leaving a cult like eckankar have to do it by themselves and then may turn to the internet for help, only to find that they have been dealing with an eckie pretending to not be one. It is a common strategy of cultists to call us the anti cult cult. Which is just another form of shaming and guilting those who really just want to escape. Leaving a destructive cult is not easy. Some really do need Therapy and maybe some don't. It's not all or nothing, either/or.
      > That is just my opinion.
      > Non eckster ; )
      > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello Mish and All,
      > > Thanks for the comments. It's nice to share
      > > things about Eckankar without having to pay
      > > and/or attending a "cult" busting seminar.
      > >
      > > Sometimes I wonder if maybe the Eckankar
      > > thing hasn't run its course. The ECK org/religion
      > > is rather insignificant, especially, when looking
      > > at other nutty/dangerous religions.
      > >
      > > Look at Islam in general and Fundamentalist
      > > Islam especially! That's a violent, fanatical, ignorant
      > > and politically based religion!
      > >
      > > Look at the Mormon Church too!
      > >
      > > And, look at Fundamentalist Christianity! That's
      > > as bad as Fundamentalist Islam! It's the U.S. version
      > > of the Taliban!
      > >
      > > Once again, all of these religions make women
      > > into second class citizens. I know that female
      > > ECK RESAs feel empowered, but it's a facade.
      > > They can never be the LEM due to nutty beliefs/
      > > teachings about negative atoms! Yet, they can't
      > > ask too many questions due to intimidation
      > > tactics and fear of being black-listed on
      > > initiations and positions of influence/power/
      > > spiritual growth.
      > >
      > > The Mormon Church is somewhat non-violent
      > > in its present form, but that might be due to
      > > smaller numbers outside of Utah.
      > >
      > > And, except for some Hollywood stars and
      > > wannabes it seems like Scientology isn't pulling
      > > in the numbers it once did.
      > >
      > > On the other hand, Fundamentalist (Old Testament
      > > versus New) "Christians" are mixing Right-Wing
      > > Fascist Politics and ideals (racism and fear) with
      > > religion.
      > >
      > > When looking at Fundamentalist Christians and
      > > Fundamentalist Muslims one can see that these
      > > are extreme "cult" members that really need attention,
      > > information, and intervention. Otherwise, it's a
      > > moot point regarding Eckankar when one puts it
      > > all into perspective. Maybe Colleen should redirect
      > > her efforts and challenge herself with "Fundamentalist
      > > Cult Busting." I'm sure that it would draw in larger
      > > numbers ($) and it's obvious that it is much more
      > > needed! The Eckankar thing is rather passe' when
      > > looking at current events. Thus, cult busting seminars
      > > should/could be expanded to make a more positive
      > > impact upon society and families in general, but
      > > upon women mostly! And, advertising for this could
      > > be done on large scale venues like FB, Twitter, etc.
      > >
      > > The only reason that I outed Twitchell and Klemp's
      > > Eckankar scam is because I was a member for
      > > 30 years and was an ECK leader (insider) and H.I.
      > > under, mostly, Klemp's influence. Plus, it was good
      > > talk therapy for me and others who were taken
      > > in and fooled by this New Age cult. Eckankar only
      > > gives info equating to the tip-of-an-iceberg because
      > > one can only ask questions for a short time before
      > > being shunned into silence and told to look to
      > > the "inner." Fool me once (with Christianity) shame
      > > on you, fool me twice (with Eckankar) shame on me!
      > > Actually, shame (as with guilt) is another thing that
      > > people have to resolve and let go of. Live and learn,
      > > but one must first realize that something is wrong
      > > and then look for answers outside of one's normal
      > > cult environment by having an open mind in order
      > > to listen, analyze, learn and heal!
      > >
      > > BTW (FYI) It's Eckankar Survivors (not suvivors)
      > > and it's "Anonymous!" Details are important!
      > >
      > > Prometheus
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Mishmisha wrote:
      > > Hi, All!
      > >
      > > Just popping in to share a little bit and to let you see I still am reading some
      > > of the anti-eckankar sites. . . . I may not be so active on them as I once was
      > > but I still care! : )
      > >
      > > I'd love for Klemp to publish a new book like "Those Wonderful ECK Masters" . ..
      > > that one was so amusing for me!! Klemp had a game plan regarding his wife Joan
      > > that was particularly touching! LOL! The discussions/review of that book begin I
      > > believe back in Jan. 2005 . . . anyone who didn't follow that might find it
      > > interesting.
      > >
      > > i have been engaging in other activities . .. fun things for the most part and
      > > have set some life goals that are also interesting and fun for me.
      > >
      > > In discussing religions . .. eckankar included here . .. I've just about lost my
      > > respect for all of them. They are nothing more than man-made delusional
      > > thinking. The rules and belief systems that are set up by each are either hardly
      > > understood and followed or they are too much followed IMO. I was amazed recently
      > > by the death prayer for President Obama that has gone the rounds on FaceBook. So
      > > many "religious" holier than thou type people gave that a thumbs up!! They quote
      > > scripture and let it be known that their religion is a big part of their lives
      > > but yet without a thought or a blink of an eye, they can okay prayer for the
      > > death of someone??? I don't get it. How hateful is that . . .and obviously
      > > racially motivated! So, yeah, I don't "get" religious people! LOL!
      > >
      > > Well, it is difficult to sort life out I guess . . . so many get on one band
      > > wagon or another . . . and twist things around to what favors them the most . ..
      > > via giving lip service to a lot of things while continuing to believe they are
      > > righteous or spiritually advanced. . . which smacks of big time delusion. It is
      > > easy to see why people get led astray and fall for a lot of nonsense, including
      > > eckankar. Maybe this is a way to skirt being accountable for what a person does
      > > in the real world while allowing one to become lazy (non thinking) and not
      > > developing critical thinking skills. Imagining and pretending is sooooooo much
      > > easier, isn't it . . . and if it doesn't work out in the long run, others can be
      > > blamed for one's fallacies and short comings! LOL!
      > >
      > > I am the master of my fate but I am not my own god . . . I still believe in a
      > > Divine Spirit that is greater than all of us . . . and It doesn't reward or
      > > punish . . . It just is!
      > >
      > > Take care, All!
      > >
      > > Mish
      > >
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