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5276Testimonials Are Important For Eckankar Too!

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  • prometheus_973
    May 3, 2010
      In a recent fund raising letter Klemp
      has the president of Eckankar (Peter
      Skelsky) mention that $285,000 is
      being set aside for: 5 minute videos,
      free booklets, and TV spots with 30-
      60 second chela testimonials.

      Why does Eckankar (Klemp) need
      to mimic Christianity?

      Eckists, now, have to compete
      with the Christian sects via requirements
      of Service, Money, and Testimonials!

      These are The Big Three-that keep
      bringing in the suckers (members)
      and the money. I just don't see how
      and why Eckists are still buying into
      this crap and not seeing that it's led
      nowhere! Klemp makes promises
      and talks and talks but it's the same
      old basic stuff that we've all heard
      before in other beliefs.

      With Eckankar the only two things
      that stand out is the "Inner Master"
      belief and the belief of Invisible 500
      year old "Rebazar" and other "ancient
      and living" EK Masters. Without these
      imaginary beliefs Eckankar doesn't work!
      Actually, this is why the daily use of the
      "Imagination" is stressed so much in
      Eckankar. One has to dream and imagine
      in order to believe it all. It's just like
      it is with many of the other religions
      in this world. They all make grandiose
      claims and promises, but only deliver
      now via the imagination, or later, after
      death. Neither can be proven except
      via "testimonials" but this isn't proof
      since each religion has it own "proof!"

      Then again, there is the social aspect
      of religion (Eckankar), the feel-good
      or ego aspect, and it gives Eckists/people
      something to do with their free time and
      this distracts them from thinking too much
      and of having the fear of death, etc.
      They feel comfortable and reassured
      that their scripture is God's revelation
      to them. It's mush easier to be a follower
      than to think and do for one's Self.