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5272Re: CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Explores the Church of Scientology’s Leadership

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  • prometheus_973
    Apr 3 10:34 AM
      Hello All,
      Sorry, that this posting wasn't approved
      until "after" the event. However, the site
      is given and there may be a rerun of it later.

      I haven't been getting over here, to ESA,
      as much and Moderated posts tend to lie
      in the Pending file longer than usual.

      I do have some current Eckankar stuff,
      "Questions for the Master..." that I'll
      share soon. I will say that Klemp talks
      about Eckists and non-Eckists and how
      "special" the Eckists are versus the non-
      Eckists, especially, on the "Inner" at the
      time of their death. Basically, It's the same
      crap (with eternal/divine promises in heaven)
      that all religions preach/teach and dangle.
      It's the same "My God is Bigger/Best" approach.
      And, HK's disclaimer at the end of his comments
      makes some of what he's said null and void!
      It's a hoot! Anyway, more of these April 2010
      Letter of Light Q&A later and in a new thread.

      p.s. Basically, I have asked Colleen to come
      in and share her old ECK experiences and 20/20
      hindsight and analysis of Paul, Darwin, Gail,
      Patti, Tom, et al, but this has not happened.
      Personal insights and observations into the
      early beginnings of Eckankar, as well as its
      early founders, are usually interesting to read.
      Thus, this is an invitation to Colleen to come
      into this site and share her perspectives of
      Eckankar and those involved at the time.
      I'll promise to check back more often for
      Pending posts.

      colleen wrote:
      Thought some of you may be interested...
      From Colleen Russell, former "higher 7th initiate"/
      Area Mahdis of Eckankar during the '70s.

      TUESDAY, 23 MARCH 2010
      In a special series beginning Monday, March 29th,
      CNN's Anderson Cooper 360° takes a close and
      revealing look at the leadership of the worldwide
      church of Scientology. The week-long series, Scientology:
      A History of Violence, will examine allegations that
      Scientology leader David Miscavige has for years beaten,
      kicked and choked top members of the church. These
      are allegations the church aggressively denies, saying
      violence from inside came from those making the claim.

      Anderson Cooper will speak with former, high ranking
      members from the Church's inner circle, who says the
      David Miscavige not only carried out, but encouraged
      the culture of violence at the highest levels of the church
      management. Cooper will also speak with members
      who claim extreme hardships, and some say intimidation,
      the church imposes on anyone who decides to leave and
      speak out.

      Scientology: A History of Violence will air at 10pm ET
      on CNN and will also air on CNNInternational. Anderson
      Cooper 360° airs weeknights on CNN at 10pm ET.

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