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5260ECK Worship Services will now become HU CHANTS!

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  • prometheus_973
    Mar 9, 2010
      Klemp is doing a make-over
      of the ECK Worship Service (EWS).

      Here are excerpts from the March/
      2010 "The Wisdom Notes" where
      Klemp points out the corruption
      of the Catholic Church in the Middle
      Ages and doesn't want Eckankar
      to follow suit. I knew Klemp lived
      in the past, but how is today like
      the Middle Ages?

      HK: "Even worse, the priests were
      corrupt. Church law forbade marriage
      and advocated celibacy. So the priests
      had 'housekeepers.' Everyone knew
      that these women were concubines,
      to fulfill the sexual and emotional
      needs of what were, alter all, just
      simple peasant fellows."

      ME: So, these "housekeepers"
      were like the modern day version
      of a "secretary" like Joan was?

      BTW- What is the EK counterpart,
      or Virtue, for the Passion of Lust?
      Actually, before Twitchell altered
      it, it was chastity/celibacy. This
      is, also, why most Eckists can't
      remember Twitchell's replacement
      virtue to counteract the passion
      of Lust. Twit stole this dogma,
      and altered it for the Western
      mind, from Ruhani Satsang.

      HK: "The church had not trained
      its priests in the doctrines needed
      so much by the people. Worship
      Services left worshippers cold. Few
      priests [or H.I.s] could preach, to
      tell biblical stories illustrated by
      the stained-glass windows in the

      ME: Perhaps this is also why Klemp
      is getting away from Worship Service
      stories. I remember that they had to
      come from an approved list and were
      selected months in advance in order
      to get printed in the Newsletter.
      On another note, we can see Harry's
      Lutheran roots showing as he puts
      down the Catholic Church. Still, he
      wants to use "stories" for workshops,
      intros, etc. and for one-on-one
      discussions to sell EK Materials and

      HK: "The above account highlights
      the need for us to ensure that ECKists
      in all leadership positions be completely
      versed in the ECK teachings. Even more,
      they need to know the best ways to tell
      others about these beautiful precepts
      in everyday, common language.

      You already know the advantages of
      our story-based approach: 'Here is how
      the ECK helped me.' People can understand

      ME: Yeah, just talk down to them and fool
      them by giving the suckers testimonials
      (stories) that they can hear anywhere. Just
      put an ECK "twist" on it. I don't think the
      suckers would "understand" or buy into
      stories about 500-60,000 year old ECK
      Masters living in the same physical body
      unless you don't add a personal twist to it.
      And, let's not forget those two ECK Masters
      who came from Venus! This is similar to
      the what the Mormons and Scientologists

      HK: "In every way possible, we are doing
      everything we can to let any and all ECK
      gatherings be more interesting and spiritually
      uplifting, BOTH FOR US and OUR VISITORS.
      I appreciate your feedback. It is helping
      to make us more 'USER FRIENDLY.'

      ME: Wait! Why does the ALL KNOWING
      MAHANTA need "feedback," and in the
      form of snail-mail letters, to help him
      and his hierarchy become more "user
      friendly?" And, how long has Klemp
      had in order to make the necessary
      changes? Has he been asleep at the

      Really, why hasn't Klemp been "User Friendly?"

      And, I don't believe that Klemp has
      done much of anything but bitch at
      people. Why isn't he on the radio?
      Why isn't he doing more? His books
      are redundant and tell other people's
      stories while he gets the royalties!

      HK: "Plans are under way to complement
      our ECK Worship Service and Vahana
      programs with a special HU Song each

      ME: Don't most ECK Centers have
      monthly HU Chants anyway? I used
      to conduct one each month and most
      of the time nobody showed up...
      except for those invisible EK Masters

      Didn't Klemp recently refer to the
      HU Chant/Song as a Prayer? Anyway,
      Klemp now gives his inept ECK Leaders
      a tip. It's to study the EWS Guidelines and
      to reread his 10 year old "Handbook for
      ECK Leaders."

      HK: "Some areas have used these very
      same tips and suggestions to prepare
      for their ECK regional seminars. More

      Last they shared many of them with their
      Arahatas to raise the quality of the ECK
      Satsang classes. This worked too.

      ME: Bullshit! Is Klemp insane, out-
      of-touch or both to say this and
      expect people to mindlessly nod
      their heads in agreement? Satsang
      classes never had great attendance
      and many people missed more than
      three. Missing three classes (according
      to the Guidelines) was supposed
      to get you removed from the group.
      I never followed up on that because
      I was just thankful when people showed
      up... even when they brought the
      wrong lesson!

      HK: "Do you see why we must preform
      our own spiritual mission so much better
      than did the Catholic Church in Europe
      during the Middle Ages?" [end]

      ME: And what about performing
      the "spiritual mission" better than
      the Pope and Catholic Church today?
      Klemp is stuck in the Middle Ages!
      What a moron!

      Anyway, it seems like HK's attempting
      to nudge ECKists toward the same old
      thing with a tweaking of the EWS. I
      guess to him and his cohorts that this
      is progressive. LOL!

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