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5202Eckankar membership exit interviews

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  • prometheus_973
    Feb 16, 2010
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      Hello All,
      I've never heard of "exit interviews"
      done for a religion either. Is Eckankar
      a business, or a religion, or both?
      Both! And, I too wouldn't recommend
      going to one. There's too much trickery
      and word playing going on!

      The "Exit Interview" could be a new
      procedure that the ESC is experimenting
      with and has set this up for certain regions.
      Or, it could be the brain child of this particular
      RESA. In any case what would be the purpose
      of the interview except to get you to change
      your mind! However, they might also want
      to use the interview to get chelas to squeal
      on other like-minded Eckists. Klemp might
      want the RESAs to identify the other rotten
      apples in the barrel, and have them attend
      a special re-indoctrination (training workshop).

      I recall that after Ford Johnson wrote
      "Confessions of a God Seeker" that some
      ECKists (with and without the approval
      of their RESA, or the ESC) attempted to
      do interventions. They let their fellow
      Eckists know that they were available
      to intervene with anyone who had read
      Ford's book and was upset by it and had

      They claimed to have "read" Confessions
      and, thus, had the ammo to disprove Johnson's
      facts. They could turn things around for
      ECKists who were "confused." The truth
      is that these know-it-alls (mini-masters)
      had speed-read Ford's book (just to say
      they had read it). Next, they attempted
      to use HK's double talk and PT's (compiled)
      Shariyat quotes and their own delusional
      ekperiences to manipulate people's views
      and twist Ford Johnson's words by taking
      quotes out of context. It's kind of like what
      the lackeys in the Republican Party do to
      discredit Obama.

      This "exit interview" sounds like it could
      be an intervention in disguise.

      For me, responsibility starts at home.
      I never had the need to resign from
      Eckankar. After all, since Klemp claims
      to be ALL KNOWING, and higher than
      the 4th Plane "God" of all other religions,
      why would it be necessary for me, or
      anyone, to write him a snail-mail letter
      or tell other H.I.s of my resignation?
      HK can read minds, and Souls, and tell
      the future! He's a 14th Plane God! He
      should have known it before it happened!

      Why should a person write a resignation
      letter to the ESC, unless, Eckankar was
      giving prorated refunds on memberships!
      Besides, Eckankar will continue to spend
      money on those mailings they send out
      unless you notify them otherwise... so
      don't do them any favors! Let them spend
      that money on those donation letters and
      seminar news and on the other mailings.
      Every little bit hurts, and, it's their karma!

      Actually, if an Eckist wanted to unload
      on Klemp with a bluntly worded letter
      and didn't care about the outcome then
      make it an IRO or HIRO Letter. Don't make
      it a resignation letter! Sure, you might be
      demoted to a 1st initiate, or told to read
      the Shariyat for one year, but you might,
      also, get excommunicated!

      That last one would, actually, be sort
      of cool! No! I take it back. It would
      Definitely be Cool to be excommunicated
      by that fake master - crabby old Klemp
      (the tired-ass Mahanta).


      Zoey wrote:
      Did your tenure in eckankar teach you nothing, johnathan?
      Must each of us consult your protocol book prior to leaving the cult?

      My friend chose not to do a 'disappearing act'. She chose to tell her eck
      clergy of choice her reasons for leaving. She had her reasons for choosing this
      particular ESA; namely, they were on friendly terms, and, she feels, he will
      tell the others.

      How do you presume to know her motives? Who are you to dictate how she handles
      her departure? Please.

      At any rate, my initial post invited comments concerning "exit interviews",
      which I have not heard of.


      <jonathan wrote:
      > Zoey,
      > I'm really confused by your initial post. First you say
      > "A friend called me today to tell me that she had quit Eckankar."
      > Then you say
      > "She phoned an ESA that she was comfortable with, and briefly said that it
      wasn't for her any more."
      > I then stated that if your friend quit she should not be contacting Eckists to
      get some kind of approval from them. Where do I get the idea that she wanted
      approval? You specifically stated "She phoned an ESA she felt COMFORTABLE with."
      (my emphasis). So once again, if she quit, why is she contacting Eckankar at
      all? She should be getting on with her own life. And second question "Why is she
      specifically contacting an ESA that she feels COMFORTABLE with?" I don't get it.
      It sounds to me like she really hasn't quit Eckankar at all.
      > You also said:
      > "She quit in the manner that was most reasonable for her. She WANTED the local
      group, as well as the Corp, to know her reasons for leaving - and knew this
      loud-mouthed ESA would be the best megaphone she could find. The ESA's
      approbation never entered the issue."
      > Why would she even care what Eckankar thinks? Tell her to grow up. Or tell her
      to join a message board and speak out. She's clueless if she thinks that
      Eckankar really cares why she left. Not only that, it is none of their business
      if she already left.
      > Also, you change your story again from your first post to your second post. In
      your first post, you say that in talking to the ESA "she briefly said that it
      [Eckankar] wasn't for her any more [sic]." Then in your second post you say that
      she "knew this loud-mouthed ESA would be the best megaphone she could find." It
      seems like you changed your story because first you say that she told the ESA
      next to nothing, then you say that she wanted a loud-mouthed megaphone. "Why
      would she want a loud-mouthed megaphone if she told her next to nothing about
      why she left Eckankar? Again, the fact that she is telling her reasons (sob
      story) to a loud-mouthed megaphone Eckist is telling me that she wants attention
      or pity from Eckankar because she feels that they wronged her. Seeking attention
      from the entity that abused you is giving all of your power to them. Tell her
      that she is giving all of her power to Eckankar. She needs to consolidate her
      power within herself. And the best way to do that is simply to ignore Eckankar.
      > And, Zoey, maybe if you would make a post containing more than three
      sentences, and explain exactly what happened, I would have a much easier time
      figuring out what you are talking about. And I would have an easier time making
      a sensible comment. And I wouldn't have to use my "psychic powers" to figure out
      what you are talking about.
      > So now I am going to address everyone except you Zoey. If you are presently a
      member of Eckabkar, and are contemplating leaving Eckankar, just leave. Don't
      agree to any "exit interview" because you don't owe Eckankar anything. To give
      you an analogy, if you are in an abusive relationship and then you quit, then
      you're done. And its now time to take care of yourself, not be concerned about
      the other person, i.e., the abuser. If you are the person who can remain friends
      with people who you knew in Eckankar, then go ahead and do that. Otherwise, just
      move on.
      > Jonathan
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