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5158EK initiations, second guessing and "love" baby!

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  • prometheus_973
    Jan 30, 2010
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      Hello Zoey,
      I can understand the confusion. Klemp
      likes to keep his flock off-balance and
      second guessing. Initiations more mental
      than anything via the imagination except
      for one's physical membership card with
      the number of one's plane of con. Oh, there
      are also those physical "pink slips" too.

      Basically, 1-9 are inner and outer,
      10-11 are inner, 12 is inner and outer,
      and 13-14 are inner.

      In The Masters 4 Discourse, Lesson 2
      is the following:

      "Third, the final part of the Ninth
      Initiation occurs in the physical

      In Klemp's 1998 ECK Lexicon is this
      on page 226:

      "Voice of Akivasha. The oracle, until
      the first of this century, at a craggy,
      unexplored site called the Oracle of
      Tirmer in the Valley of Shangta in
      northern Tibet. It is here that the
      Rod of ECK Power is passed from
      the departing LEM to his successor
      on October 22 [Twitchell's Birthday],
      at midnight; sometimes called the
      Voice, or Oracle, of Tirmer."

      It should be noted that this is a
      physical, earthly, and "outer" location,
      although, it might be claimed that
      one travels there in the Astral Body
      which resembles one's physical body.
      This is why there are paintings and
      drawings of these people. Any body
      higher than the Astral would not
      otherwise have the same identifiable
      (physical) characteristics.

      It should be noted that in Klemp's
      1987 book, "Soul Travelers of the
      Far Country" on pages 186-187 that
      Klemp states:

      "The Ninth Initiation came on July 22,
      1981. Initiations in ECK beyond the
      Eighth are given ONLY on the inner

      Of course, Darwin had to confirm
      HK's 9th on the outer. It seems that
      the 10th and 11th are minor initiations
      since Klemp achieved these between
      July 22, 1981 and October 22, 1981!

      Of course Klemp had to backtrack
      for the Masters 4 Discourse because
      how can one anoint card carrying
      9ths without an "outer" confirmation
      "final" stage?

      Else wise, everyone would be
      running around claiming to be
      a 9ths. It's bad enough that 7ths
      are claiming to be 8ths (on the inner),
      or that 8ths are claiming to be 9ths
      on the inner or that some Eckists
      skip initiations and, thus, there
      are 5ths claiming to be 8ths
      (on the inner).

      I hope that this info and perspective
      has helped to clarify the nonsense
      behind ECK Initiations.

      BTW- It seems that Eckists don't
      really need the Initiations, EK Books
      and Membership Cards, or Zoas,
      or Guidelines, Discourses, or Laws
      or Donations of Coin and Service...
      all they need is love!

      There is a Klemp quote in the
      Jan. 2010 "Letter of Light" that

      "Love is love. And this is what
      the ECK teachings are all about.
      Purely love, and just love. Simply

      Yep! All you need is love! Very
      simple and yet so profound!
      Say, wasn't that Jesus' message
      2000 years ago?!


      zoey wrote:

      Hey prometheus. Some time back there was
      a discussion here concerning eckankar
      initiations, inner and outer. If you can remember,
      can you tell me which initiations are considered
      entirely inner, and which are required to also
      have an outer initiation with an eck clergy?

      My friend and I are curious about this.

      Thanks, zoey
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