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5136Re: The H.I. Letter 12/2009- Klemp Gets It Wrong Again!

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  • prometheus_973
    Jan 6, 2010
      In Part 1 Klemp suggests that "coffee"
      is bad for ECKists' health due to the
      caffeine. However he never mentions
      the caffeine in tea. Also, on the news
      today, I heard that a study was done
      that showed that Coffee and Tea may
      ward off Diabetes. Plus, one can always
      drink decaf!

      In the next story below Klemp is complaining
      about his mother making him drink his
      milk which had cream in it. Thus when
      her back was turned he would pour it
      back into the pitcher and mislead her
      into thinking he drank it. Today, he stills
      thinks that this was not a lie and that
      "stretching the truth" was/is okay. Also,
      milk in those days, and on the farm,
      did not have Vitamin-D added, thus,
      HK came down with rickets, although,
      no one else in his family did.

      BTW-Another reason why many people
      today don't have a Vitamin-D deficiency
      is due to Starbucks since they put a lot
      of Vitamin-D enriched milk into their
      products. Thus, another reason why coffee
      can be good for the health. Also, in the
      Middle East coffee is drank in order to
      protect oneself from heat stroke. Therefore,
      once again Klemp misses the mark and
      has taken a narrow-minded and one
      dimensional approach to the topic of "health."


      prometheus wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > The following is a recollection about
      > Klemp's youth on the farm, and the
      > conclusion of his "health hints". However,
      > there is some Golden-Tongued Wisdom
      > found here. One of these is when he
      > says to his mother, "My glass is empty!"
      > Harry admits that he was "stretching
      > the truth" which he claims was/is okay.
      > Thus, his glass was not just "half-empty"
      > it was/is all "empty." Klemp, today, seems
      > to think that it was just fine learning to
      > trick his Mother by lying (stretching the
      > truth), and to demonstrate deviant behaviour
      > (pouring the milk back into the pitcher).
      > Boys will be boys, they say.
      > HK: "When I was a boy, there was nowhere
      > near the amount of nutritional information
      > so readily available today. My older brother,
      > Duane, suffered a greatly swollen ear when
      > he was eight or nine. He was a spectacle
      > when he arrived at school. Our family doctor
      > gave him a shot of penicillin, and his ear soon
      > shrank to normal size.
      > In looking back, I suspect that Duane had
      > a sensitivity to dairy products, for he often
      > had earaches. BUT ours was a dairy farm;
      > milk and cheese were a mainstay at mealtimes."
      > ME: Well, that's possible. However, the problem
      > Duane had could be from other causes too.
      > Klemp is speculating on this, but food allergies
      > are often overlooked even today. Duane did,
      > years later, die of Cancer. I wonder why the
      > Mahanta has to "suspect" this cause of Duane's
      > problem rather than "know" it to be true when
      > he, supposedly, has the ability to use the ECK-Vidya.
      > HK: "For my part, I would gag at the sight
      > of a single speck of cream on top of my
      > glass of milk. BUT Mother insisted I sit at
      > the breakfast table until the milk was gone.
      > I really tried to drink it, BUT it just refused
      > to go down. she was so insistent about it
      > because I'd had rickets, a bone-deforming
      > disease, a few years earlier, from a vitamin-
      > D deficiency. Our farm milk had no added
      > vitamin D, as did store bought milk. BUT
      > she did not know that.
      > `Drink your milk,' she scolded, "then you
      > can go outside to play!'
      > ME: What Klemp fails to see is that his
      > mother was telling him to "go outside to
      > play" and get his Vitamin-D from the sun!
      > HK: "Mother had a lot to do, so she could
      > not keep an eye on me every second.
      > When she turned her back to wash dishes,
      > I dumped my milk back into the pitcher
      > and announced, `My glass is empty!' And
      > that was the solemn truth. Our parents
      > taught us not to lie, BUT stretching the
      > truth was another matter."
      > ME: Stretching the truth was another matter
      > for Twitchell too! Let's face it, Klemp's behaviour
      > was devious! I never would have done that
      > and never stretched the truth until I became
      > a teenager. I, too, had a problem with specks
      > of cream in my glasses of milk as well. We
      > had a milkman deliver ours from their dairy.
      > I would take a spoon and gather the specks
      > of cream up in it and then wipe the cream off
      > on a napkin.
      > HK: "However, I loved cheese. So I lifted
      > a stack of slices from the cheese plate
      > and put them on my dinner plate. Then
      > I would return for a second and a third
      > helping, to the utter amazement of my
      > parents. The younger and the more it
      > squeaked, the better. I certainly had no
      > food sensitivity to cheese then, although
      > I do now."
      > ME: It's no wonder that Klemp has a
      > food allergy to cheese today since he
      > ate so much as a youth. Maybe HK did,
      > after all, have an slight allergy to cheese
      > way back then since his brother had an
      > allergy to milk. Of course, we've all heard
      > this "cheesy" story before. Klemp has
      > told it often. I remember a Seminar, years
      > ago, where he told us about this. Isn't
      > this a waste of paper, time, and members'
      > money?
      > HK: "Maybe you will find HINTS in this
      > letter so you may achieve better health
      > for you and your family. I trust you will.
      > Again, good health is an aid to spiritual
      > unfoldment." [end]
      > ME: I thought that "INITIATIONS" were
      > `an aid to spiritual unfoldment.' Where
      > are these? Klemp is side-stepping the
      > real issue and gives nothing! We've seen
      > or experienced this advice (hints) before.
      > Prometheus
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