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5076Re: Native American "drumming circles" at major EK seminars?

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  • prometheus_973
    Dec 2, 2009
      Another crosspost from Eckankartruth:

      Hello Jonathan and All,
      Yes, the attempt to do a "drumming
      circle" was an innocent act, and it was
      meant to be fun! And, I've been at ones
      where there was NO chanting just drumming!
      I find them interesting in that the drumming
      (sound) starts out as individualized/group
      chaos and then harmonizes into a Unity of
      Consciousness. It's a metaphor... for the
      spiritual life.

      Getting back to the use of fear and
      control tactics of religions and of Eckankar:

      Did Eckankar use metal detectors at the
      2009 EWWS? I always thought that was an
      over-the-top/knee-jerk reaction (a security/
      fear tactic) for Klemp to use after 9/11.

      Why should "God" (the Mahanta) be fearful
      of anything or anyone? Couldn't/wouldn't/
      shouldn't Rebazar and the other EK Masters
      manifest themselves to protect Klemp?
      Shouldn't HK be able to protect himself
      and his chelas on the outer, as well as
      (supposedly), on the inner? HK states
      that his "protection" is with his followers.
      But, where's the proof when H.I.s are dying
      of cancer etc. Actually, this is proof that
      Klemp is a liar. Guilt puts blame on the
      chela/H.I. for the cancer (besides, it's a
      "test" of faith) while Klemp dodges his
      promises and responsibilities.

      However, doubt began to creep into Eckists'
      consciousness when the "metal detectors"
      and "searches" began. This created more
      questioning of Klemp's abilities, and his
      truthfulness (as the LEM/Mahanta) began
      to be doubted even more so.

      When "God" (the Mahanta) is fearful and
      needs metal detectors, searches, and a
      security entourage one has to wonder
      about the validity of this religion.

      Then, of course, we have the aging factor.
      Other EK Masters live forever and appear
      rather youthful while Klemp is pale, old
      looking and wrinkled, grey-haired, and
      balding... like anyone else! I'm surprised
      that Eckists can't believe their own eyes!
      What delusion! How does one rationalize
      all of these facts and contradictions? Are
      people that desperate and needy? Yes!

      Eckankar is just another feel good religion
      with all of the rules and regulations and
      busy work, guilt/fear, and ego traps that
      all religions share. Every religion is unique
      and that's why they attract a certain like-
      minded group of individuals. Yet, all of
      these believers think they are right and
      everyone else is wrong and doomed! Unless,
      of course, the sinner is converted. Therefore,
      their "truth" must be shared with the world
      in order to "save" the non-believer from
      the negative effects of Kal, Satan, God, etc.

      And, in EK, there are "inflow" game points
      (initiations and positions) to be achieved
      while doing "God's" missionary (vahana)
      work to help raise the world's consciousness
      via this"outflow." The imagination is fun
      and useful and necessary, but it can, also,
      be a trap and a means of creating delusion.


      jonathan wrote:


      I just wanted to clarify to everybody
      that I wasn't trying to defend Eckankar
      when they canceled the drumming
      session. I was just trying to get into
      their head to try to figure out what
      kooky reason they had for canceling
      it. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time
      engaged in that same process through
      the 29 years that I was a member

      I agree completely with your statement
      "Anyway, it just goes to show how
      religions like to control their followers
      via rules, laws, guidelines, guilt,
      and fear. Eckankar has the RESA Hierarchy
      (Police) to keep everyone on their

      As you stated, you and the other Eckists
      who were looking forward to the session
      saw it as something innocent, and whatever
      energy was going to be brought to the
      surface was a reflection of the Eck. I'm
      glad you mentioned that because I wasn't
      even thinking in those terms. Of course
      you were thinking in those terms! You
      were Eckists at an Eck seminar! So, yes,
      it does show how fanatical Eckankar
      is when it comes to enforcing the rule
      "the teachings of Eckankar must be kept
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