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4917The EK Initiation Quagmire - More Service Required For Higher H.I.s

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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 13, 2009
      Hello Moby and All,
      Yes, every Eckist pretty much knows,
      or tries to find out, the initiation circle
      (level/number) of each Eckist they come
      in contact with.

      There used to be Circles of Initiation
      Workshops at major EK Seminars (mid
      1980's) and these "Circles" Workshops
      were, also, encouraged for the RESAs
      to promote for Local EK Satsang (Chela)
      Events. Every level/circle of initiate had
      their own workshop to attend and I.D.s
      were checked at the door of each workshop.

      Now, Klemp has creatively "changed"
      his direction.

      The following is from the 09/2009
      The H.I. Letter (pg. 3)--

      "Worldwide Wind of Creativity

      In tune with the upcoming spiritual
      year, A Year of Creativity, you will find
      a fresh, new program awaiting High
      Initiates at the 2009 ECK Worldwide

      * an H.I. meeting Saturday morning
      that has a new look and heightened
      spiritual focus;

      * a special workshop for H.I.'s, offered
      both Friday and Saturday, centered on
      Sri Harold's HOLY FIRE of ECK Books--
      especially the latest volume, The Holy
      Fire of ECK, Book 3--with ample time
      to share insights with fellow Brothers
      of the Leaf.

      [Klemp gets to sell more-of-the-same
      (book 3) and makes 50% royalties from
      his books while he lets H.I.s "share"
      more-of-the-same as well!]

      * updated trainings--offered Only at
      Worldwide Seminars--for ECK Clerics,
      Initiators, and ESAs.

      [This helps to increase the seminar
      numbers ($$$) with the financial
      burden placed mostly upon the H.I.s
      who want that training in order to
      qualify for that next initiation. 5ths
      have to become "Clerics" to become
      eligible to become "Initiators," and 6ths,
      in order to become "ESAs" in order
      to become eligible for the 7th! Some
      6ths (who are ESAs) get their 7ths by
      becoming RESAs since RESAs have to
      be at least a 7th.]

      With these new areas of emphasis, the
      H.I. GET-TOGETHER, SEVENTH Initiates
      Meeting, and EIGHTH Initiate Meeting
      are being Retired.

      [All H.I.s now have to rub shoulders
      and share EK speak with lower initiates
      as a means of SERVICE. Will HK and JK
      be rubbing shoulders and "connecting,"
      too, for the sake of SERVICE to "fellow
      Attendees," or is this just more lip SERVICE
      and DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO for
      the Klemps? ]

      These changes will offer you New
      Spiritual Vistas and Opportunities
      to Connect with Fellow Attendees
      [1th-8th Circle Initiates] and Grow
      through SERVICE at the Seminar and
      as Leaders in our Creative and Vibrant
      ECK spiritual community." [END (my
      brackets and caps)]

      Anyway, Moby, I'll see if I can answer
      your questions below--

      whitemoby wrote:

      I enjoyed this post, prometheus.
      To my mind, "initiations" are one
      of the keys to understanding the
      eck mentality. I personally believe
      that klemp requires the last stage
      in the 9th initiation to be OUTER
      because this gives the corp more
      control. This gives the corp absolute
      control over the very few who will
      get beyond the 9th.

      I know, and saw for myself, that
      eck initiation levels WERE NOT
      kept hidden in eck communities.
      Believe me, everybody knew everybody's
      number, and each person was treated/
      respect accordingly. Oh yes, low level
      initiates were treated kindly, but it
      was a condescending kindness. Like,
      I'm so far above you - ain't I swell
      to be talking to you at all?

      Higher Initiates are held in regard
      inside the eckankar world. I saw it
      myself. But here are my two questions
      for prometheus, or anyone:

      #1 When a person gets up to the
      5th initiation (or beyond), how do
      they explain to themselves that
      they're really no different than they
      ever were?

      P- People rationalize much of the
      time, and Klemp encourages his
      followers to imagine and to pretend
      "as if." Besides, look at the followers
      of other religions and how they follow
      and interpret dogma and rationalize
      as well. People, also, tend to follow
      local religious or spiritual experts
      they have placed trust in, or have
      put upon a pedestal, because they
      have direct contact with them versus
      the "Leader." A local Satsang area
      can look like a separate sect of that
      same religion depending upon the
      RESA. Over decades more dogma, rules,
      guidelines, and laws get added and
      "tweaked" which makes everything,
      Eckankar, more complex and more
      confusing. This causes Second Guessing
      and Imbalance and a NEED to have the
      Leader (HK) explain and reinterpret
      (over and over) the true meaning behind
      life and the confusion (of dogma) HK,
      himself, has revised and promoted.
      Thus, this Catch-22 ploy, of Klemp's,
      has created a necessary evil and a
      never-ending need for a "Living Master"
      in order for him to de-cypher and
      clarify the obvious.

      Have you ever seen any indication
      that high initiation levels confers
      any greater awareness, etc upon
      the initiate?

      P- Not per se! However, if a person
      is focused upon self-improvement
      and upon spiritual growth these goals
      will be achieved, in part and over time,
      with or without the help of a "Master,"
      or a religion to follow. The so-called
      "Master" just takes credit for what happens
      naturally when Soul is focused upon
      the Divine. This is the TRAP and the
      Catch-22 of all religious dogma.

      #2 Do eckists believe that higher
      initiate levels correspond to any
      improvement in their outer circumstances?

      P- Yes and No! Klemp takes credit for
      the "Good" that takes place in the lives
      of his followers. However, "true blue"
      Eckists Do Not want "good karma" because
      this too will hinder their spiritual growth.
      They want to be "above" and "without"
      karma in a vairag (nonattached/detached)
      state of mind. Yet, they don't want pain
      or troubles either. And, when there are
      problems they see these as "tests." NO
      where does Klemp, actually, Protect or
      Heal his chelas, except in chela's dreams
      and/or imaginations (and delusions),
      anymore than Jesus or the Virgin Mary,
      etc. etc do for other religious believers!

      Getting back to your question-- Many Eckists
      believe they have used up their "good karma,"
      for this lifetime, by finding Eckankar and, thus,
      don't expect prosperity. Most, therefore, have
      a poverty consciousness and a fatalistic attitude
      toward life. Eckists, also, have become very
      codependent upon Klemp and believe in his
      delusional promises. It's "The Easy Way,"
      for them, to accept a subservient position
      as a "follower" rather than take responsibility
      as SOUL. Thus, Eckists are no different from
      other faithful religious followers, except, in
      their minds!

      Do they believe that their lives become
      better in any worldly/material kinda way?

      P- They [Eckists] believe it by rationalizing.
      Success and materialism can be justified
      as a "divine gift" in order to reach a different
      social and/or intellectual group/class of people
      so that they can spread the "Word" as a vahana/
      missionary by being an example or a spokes-
      person... or as (temporary) good karma. And,
      their material/intellectual success is used by
      Klemp to attract more professionals to Eckankar.
      This gives HK's big fat ego an air of respectability
      (HK is in the International Who's Who of Intellectuals,
      Ninth edition). And, this, too, is used to prove/
      show that Eckankar is not a "dangerous" cult.
      Professionals, also, climb the initiation ladder
      faster than the average Eckist because they
      are more high profile, but appearances are
      very deceiving in this KAL like religion.


      Thanks, moby...

      prometheus wrote:
      > In Eckankar the First initiation is said
      > to, usually, come in The Dream State
      > by the end of the first year and the
      > Second initiation is a year later or after
      > two years of study. An Eckist has to ask
      > for the Second Initiation, but is forbidden
      > to ask for any others!
      > When do the other initiations come ?
      > How many are there ? These are just
      > two questions Eckankar avoids answering.
      > Here's what Klemp's EK Lexicon took
      > from Twitchell's Eckankar Dictionary:
      > "INITIATION. The Basic sacrament in ECK;
      > the First Step on the Path of God via the
      > ECK; the structure upon the Whole Foundation
      > of the Spiritual Works are built; the Means
      > by which the Sacred Forces within the Individual
      > are Reactivated to Increase and Confer within
      > Soul the Awareness of the Supernatural state
      > of Life." [pg. 95]
      > It's interesting that PT mentions the "ECK"
      > and "Sacred Forces" and the "Individual" and
      > "Soul" while Not mentioning anything about
      > the Inner Master or the Mahanta!
      > "INNER INITIATION. Serves the function
      > of Raising the Vibrations of the individual
      > to those of the Nearest Higher Plane. THE
      > It's wishful thinking that many 7ths see
      > themselves as 8ths (on the inner). What
      > else do they have? You can't blame them
      > for pretending "as if" they actually were
      > 8th initiates after 35-40 years!
      > "...The FIRST Initiation is an Inner Initiation
      > given in the Dream State by the Dream Master.
      > Sometimes a Chela is Fully Conscious and
      > can remember everything about it; it prepares
      > the Chela for the Linkup with the ECK Sound
      > Current, the Audible Life Stream. ALL INITIATIONS
      > [pg. 96]
      > BTW, this last statement (above) was added
      > to PT's definition by Klemp (compare it for
      > yourself). This is very strange since this EK
      > Lexicon was written in 1998 and The Masters
      > 4 Discourses, Lesson 2 was written in 1995.
      > In Lesson 2 Klemp states that the 9th initiation
      > has 3 Stages and the Third and Last Stage
      > is The OUTER Confirmation!
      > Thus, Klemp has contradicted himself by
      > saying that, "All initiations above the eighth
      > are inner initiations" when the Third and Final
      > Stage, of the 9th initiation, requires an "outer
      > confirmation."
      > However, there's even more confusion and
      > secrecy concerning initiations within Eckankar
      > as there is with other religions and groups.
      > The secrecy is meant to silence people (chelas)
      > from scrutinizing this phenomena and these
      > definitions and criteria more so. Actually,
      > Eckankar gives NO criteria for obtaining
      > initiations. Except, a chela must maintain
      > a current annual membership donation
      > ($$$).
      > Thus, a Requested annual donation amount
      > is Required for more EK initiations, and to
      > hold onto positions within the RESA Hierarchy.
      > What's interesting is that the 12th Initiation
      > is actually both Outer and Inner because
      > the LEM must physically approach and ask
      > a candidate if they would like to have the
      > initiation because it, too, requires outer
      > confirmation.
      > However, the 10th and the 11th Initiations
      > don't require any outer confirmations and
      > are (both) shorter in time that the First Initiation!
      > Why's that... convenience?
      > Then, of course, it requires an initiator who
      > has a Higher Initiation Number than the one
      > being given! Thus, Darwin had to be a 13th
      > or 14th to have given Klemp his 12th!
      > And, what level of initiation is Klemp claiming
      > to have at this time? The 14th is required
      > to be a Mahanta (as PT claims), but there
      > are, supposedly, more and more initiations.
      > So, what Initiation is Klemp holding onto
      > now (with a death grip)? Why is this such
      > a secret? Could it be that HK's a 666th Initiate
      > while most of his longtime H.I.s are 7ths!
      > BTW- Who was the 666th LEM? HK doesn't
      > even know how Shams died or who that
      > "Unknown" EK Master was! Why's that?
      > Prometheus
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