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4914The EK Initiation Quagmire

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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 11, 2009
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      In Eckankar the First initiation is said
      to, usually, come in The Dream State
      by the end of the first year and the
      Second initiation is a year later or after
      two years of study. An Eckist has to ask
      for the Second Initiation, but is forbidden
      to ask for any others!

      When do the other initiations come ?
      How many are there ? These are just
      two questions Eckankar avoids answering.

      Here's what Klemp's EK Lexicon took
      from Twitchell's Eckankar Dictionary:

      "INITIATION. The Basic sacrament in ECK;
      the First Step on the Path of God via the
      ECK; the structure upon the Whole Foundation
      of the Spiritual Works are built; the Means
      by which the Sacred Forces within the Individual
      are Reactivated to Increase and Confer within
      Soul the Awareness of the Supernatural state
      of Life." [pg. 95]

      It's interesting that PT mentions the "ECK"
      and "Sacred Forces" and the "Individual" and
      "Soul" while Not mentioning anything about
      the Inner Master or the Mahanta!

      "INNER INITIATION. Serves the function
      of Raising the Vibrations of the individual
      to those of the Nearest Higher Plane. THE

      It's wishful thinking that many 7ths see
      themselves as 8ths (on the inner). What
      else do they have? You can't blame them
      for pretending "as if" they actually were
      8th initiates after 35-40 years!

      "...The FIRST Initiation is an Inner Initiation
      given in the Dream State by the Dream Master.
      Sometimes a Chela is Fully Conscious and
      can remember everything about it; it prepares
      the Chela for the Linkup with the ECK Sound
      Current, the Audible Life Stream. ALL INITIATIONS
      [pg. 96]

      BTW, this last statement (above) was added
      to PT's definition by Klemp (compare it for
      yourself). This is very strange since this EK
      Lexicon was written in 1998 and The Masters
      4 Discourses, Lesson 2 was written in 1995.
      In Lesson 2 Klemp states that the 9th initiation
      has 3 Stages and the Third and Last Stage
      is The OUTER Confirmation!

      Thus, Klemp has contradicted himself by
      saying that, "All initiations above the eighth
      are inner initiations" when the Third and Final
      Stage, of the 9th initiation, requires an "outer

      However, there's even more confusion and
      secrecy concerning initiations within Eckankar
      as there is with other religions and groups.
      The secrecy is meant to silence people (chelas)
      from scrutinizing this phenomena and these
      definitions and criteria more so. Actually,
      Eckankar gives NO criteria for obtaining
      initiations. Except, a chela must maintain
      a current annual membership donation

      Thus, a Requested annual donation amount
      is Required for more EK initiations, and to
      hold onto positions within the RESA Hierarchy.

      What's interesting is that the 12th Initiation
      is actually both Outer and Inner because
      the LEM must physically approach and ask
      a candidate if they would like to have the
      initiation because it, too, requires outer

      However, the 10th and the 11th Initiations
      don't require any outer confirmations and
      are (both) shorter in time that the First Initiation!
      Why's that... convenience?

      Then, of course, it requires an initiator who
      has a Higher Initiation Number than the one
      being given! Thus, Darwin had to be a 13th
      or 14th to have given Klemp his 12th!

      And, what level of initiation is Klemp claiming
      to have at this time? The 14th is required
      to be a Mahanta (as PT claims), but there
      are, supposedly, more and more initiations.
      So, what Initiation is Klemp holding onto
      now (with a death grip)? Why is this such
      a secret? Could it be that HK's a 666th Initiate
      while most of his longtime H.I.s are 7ths!

      BTW- Who was the 666th LEM? HK doesn't
      even know how Shams died or who that
      "Unknown" EK Master was! Why's that?

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