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491Re: does he believe it

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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 8, 2005
      Hi Christel,
      I have access to the "new" September 2005 H.I. Letter. There really
      isn't much there... mostly testimonials which makes one
      wonder "Where's the meat!" Anyway, that's my beef! LOL! I'll have to
      work on getting a review done. Really though, the Mystic World has
      more of HKs crap to ridicule. H.I.s must not need the Eck Wisdom or
      have a need to have questions answered... so why do they need the pep
      talking testimonials? Something is rotten in Denmark (Eckankar) maybe?


      Christel wrote:

      > hallo, Prometheus,
      I'll have to share more utterances of Klemp and how he hides and
      distorts his own life history in the September 2005 H.I. Letter.

      > you are speaking of the H.I.Letter, what's the meaning there?
      perhaps you are reading of the contents in previous posts. i'm very
      > christel
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