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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 10, 2009
      Hello Moby,
      I'll try to answer your H.I. questions

      whitemoby wrote:

      Prometheus, I was looking through
      an eckankar catalogue that a friend

      Why are there some books that are
      only for HI's?

      P- The H.I. Only Books are used
      in two ways. One way is to create
      a separation between H.I.s & Chelas
      and to instill mystery and a desire
      to become an H.I. to expand one's
      consciousness. It's another carrot
      being dangled. The other reason
      is to have books that address leadership
      issues and concerns while encouraging
      H.I.s to hang in there even though
      Klemp slowed those initiations
      down long ago. Thus, positions
      and titles have become more important
      and powerful than higher initiation

      Why can't others order them?

      P- Well, one could have an H.I. friend
      order the H.I. Only Books in their name
      for you, or share their library of H.I.
      books with you, especially, if you
      happen to be a 4th (almost a H.I.).
      Or, if one is married to or dating a
      H.I. one could probably read those.

      What is so secret?

      P- The business side of Eckankar!
      It's like reading the chela page of
      the local EK newsletter versus the
      public page.

      Actually, from what I've read Klemp
      will sometimes say more outrageous
      things in the Mystic World or the
      Letter of Light. Remember Klemp's
      instructions to H.I.s Only in the
      12/2005 H.I. Letter where he said
      Not to use "if, and, but" with other
      H.I.s and then uses BUT (the worst
      of the three) in following EK pubs.

      Have you ever seen any of the HI books?

      P- I used to have all of them until
      I quit by letting my membership lapse.
      I, then, threw all my H.I. Books away.
      The H.I. Leadership Book and Workbook
      were interesting in that Klemp stuck
      his foot in his mouth all through
      the book. He tried to get bad (H.I.)
      behaviour under control by telling
      H.I.s to rat on others to the RESA.
      Of course, many times, the RESA
      was part of the problem since they
      couldn't or didn't want to control their
      H.I.s, or it was the crazy (Nazi) RESA
      causing the problems. In that case
      one could contact the ESC... but
      whose side or word do you think
      HK will take? Klemp was about 15
      years too late with that book because
      the damage had been done. We tried
      to tell him and begged, years earlier,
      that he write this book. However,
      most of the time many RESAs do
      what they want anyway and turn a
      blind-eye to much of what is happening
      behind their backs and the ESC's.

      Klemp, usually, never finds out when
      his guidelines aren't being followed
      since each RESA's area is run differently
      and reports to the ESC can be less
      than honest and absent of details.
      Many reports tend to omit quite
      a lot of info that the ESC would
      like to track. Intro numbers (attendance)
      are fudged, and Satsang attendance
      records are overlooked. It used to be
      that one was kicked out of the class
      if they missed three classes! Now, the
      Arahata is happy if anyone shows up...
      and extra happy if they have read
      the lesson... and ecstatic if they
      actually brought the (correct)
      discourse lesson with them!

      Also, how are RESA's chosen?

      P- By Klemp. The RESA Hierarchy
      started in 1985-87... I forget
      exactly. Some of those first ones
      are still in power as the RESA of
      that state/country. Bob Lawton
      is one of these first RESAs. After
      that the new RESAs are usually
      recommended to Klemp by the
      one stepping down. They are
      asked to make a three year
      commitment, although, their
      position is reviewed yearly as
      are the EK Board members at
      the ESC and locally. Klemp has
      the power to hire and fire anyone,
      anywhere, at anytime without
      Board permission. The RESA
      can do the same and peck those
      under them.

      Does harold have to choose them

      P- He usually does, but everyone
      has a file on them at the ESC.
      Thus, he'll have his staff ask around
      about people, read their file, and
      take to heart the recommendation
      of the RESA stepping aside. He'll
      also interview them, ahead of time,
      if he can.


      thanks, moby...
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