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4900HK Tries to Sell a "New" Workbook for a 14 Year Old Discourse!

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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 9 1:47 PM
      Here are my comments to HK's
      workbook promo. First, a review
      of the EK Lexicon with this law-

      "Law of Facsimiles:
      The sixth law of the Physical
      Universe, that All Effects in life
      are brought about by the Thoughts
      and Pictures in the Mind of the

      BTW- According to ECKankar
      dogma the KAL (Satan) rules
      the Physical Universe and
      the Universal Mind Power!

      09/2009 The H.I. Letter (pg. 4)

      Always With You --

      "I just completed Workbook for
      the Master 4 Discourses. It was
      filled with so many experiences
      and little Miracles."

      ME: Lesson 3 covers the 9th
      Initiation and states that there
      are Three Stages to an Initiation
      and that the Final Stage is the
      Outer Confirmation.

      BTW- Instead of reading/believing
      in other people's subjective
      "miracles" why not believe in your
      own? Otherwise, this is a misdirection
      (KAL trap) that works via the Law
      of Facsimiles!

      "One morning I wanted to wear
      my ECK medallion [charm], feeling
      I needed this reminder of the Master's
      Presence and Protection to help
      me Cope with Work--and Life.
      I looked everywhere BUT couldn't
      find it."

      ME: Eckankar sells this copyrighted
      jewelry for the same reasons that
      other religions do. [How about those
      cleric pins too?] It's to make money
      and to make people feel better by
      wearing superstitious charms.
      Having an EK styled "reminder" of
      "protection" and "presence" is just
      another religious marketing scheme.

      "On my way to work, I kept my
      Attention on the Master and listened
      to ECK tapes, still wondering about
      the medallion [charm]."

      ME: I know of an H.I. that was playing
      a tape of one of Klemp's talks while
      driving to an EK event and had a car
      runa red light and T-Bone her! Where
      was HK's "protection?" I'm certain that
      HIRO never got printed or shared...
      and if it had Klemp would have spun
      it into another "test!"

      "A few days later, in the parking lot
      near my job, I felt overburdened by
      the day to come. As I walked to the
      booth to pay, I noticed a shining object
      on the ground. As I reached for it,
      I saw an angel on one side. When
      I flipped it over, I saw the words
      'Always with You.'"

      ME: Why did she feel "overburdened
      by the day to come," and the future?
      Eckists are to live in the present!
      Where was Klemp's (the Inner Master's)
      "protection" and, "presence?" Isn't
      Soul a "happy entity?" And, why didn't
      she just leave the "shining object"

      "What a direct, clear message of
      reassurance from the Mahanta:
      With or Without the medallion,
      know that I am always with you."

      ME: The message "Always With
      You" was from the 4th Plane God...
      the KAL! This was the con of the
      religion that the shining object/
      charm (with the angel) was associated

      "A few days later, Harji, as I was
      using the workbook, I listened
      to Audio Excerpt 12 and heard
      you say, "'Walk with Me, Mahanta'
      means that you have this Inner
      part of the Master with you at
      all times." You go on to talk about
      how someone in the midst of
      daily stresses may forget this."

      ME: The 'Walk With Me Mahanta'
      is a hypnotic suggestion and
      a form of programming in
      order to have Eckists become
      even more reliant and codependent
      upon Klemp (the Inner Master/
      Mahanta). Self-Reliancy and Self-
      Mastery is being discouraged!

      "He [the Eckist] thinks IF he just
      sings HU, the Mahanta will come;
      so the person [Eckist] sings HU
      and suddenly becomes Aware
      [consciously] of the Presence of
      the Mahanta."

      ME: Isn't this, also, the purpose
      of those EK medallions/charms...
      with the "HU" on one side and the
      "ECK" on the other side! They are
      physical reminders... that help
      to reenforce the programming!
      Thus, Black (lower plane) Magic!

      "BUT the person [ECKist] doesn't
      realize the Mahanta was always
      there. In the talk, you explain
      when we sing HU, we open our
      consciousness to recognize
      the presence of the Master. And
      then you say, 'The Inner Master
      is always with you. He is ALWAYS
      with you.'"

      ME: Of course! This is a basic
      tenant of Klemp's Eckankar where
      he takes the place of the ECK
      and takes all credit from the ECK!
      I'm amazed that it took this H.I.
      22 years for this brain-washing
      to sink in. This was the real "miracle!"
      Klemp is known for signing off
      by saying, "I am Always With You"
      and this H.I. finally saw what he
      meant... while still clueless to
      HK's real intent... to promote

      "What MAGIC to hear guidance like
      this in the wake of my own recent

      ME: "MAGIC. The producing of
      phenomena or controlling of
      events by the use of charms
      or rituals; part of the Universal
      Mind Power, the KAL Force, it
      brings upon the practitioner
      the Effect, or Karma." [EK Lexicon,
      pg. 129]

      Actually, when people seek out
      "signs" they will find them everywhere!
      It's a, rather, common schizophrenic
      (confused/distorted) behaviour!

      "All the discourse/workbook study
      is like that.

      It's a constant Dance from the Inner
      to the Outer, with No separation.
      In my twenty-two years in Eckankar,
      I have never experienced anything
      quite like this."

      --Jocelyne, Quebec, Canada

      ME: The two fold purpose for Klemp
      having this glowing testimonial
      printed is to have H.I.s purchase
      the Workbook for the Masters 4
      Discourses... and to create/reenforce
      more codependence.

      This H.I.'s fertile imagination treated
      this "as if" it was a spiritual event.
      This is especially true for newer H.I.s
      and the more naive, as well as, those
      who still need to desperately believe
      in anything/anyone leaps and bounds
      "higher." These H.I.s have poor self
      esteem and doubts, thus, they need
      to feel special by closing their eyes
      to Truth.

      Klemp (the OUTER/INNER MAN/GOD/
      POPE) has words that (mentally and
      emotionally) soothes the self-doubts
      of his chelas (temporarily) just as other
      religions, and their leaders, do. It's
      a mind-game that they all play to
      trick the unsuspecting/trusting masses.
      Religions, and ECKankar is a Religion,
      are KAL TRAPS... and a TEST for Soul!
      When Soul Awakens and learns to stand,
      run, fly, dream, create, and exist on
      It's own, without religious crutches,
      this is the beginning phase of True
      Mastership! Soul learns from Itself
      and the Holy Spirit.

      In TRUTH... SOUL and the HOLY SPIRIT
      are/become One and is all One needs.
      It IS and Always With You. No Mahanta
      is needed! This is the Real Miracle that
      many former Eckists, and former religionists,
      have learned via experience!

      Unfortunately, some card carrying Eckists
      have had to hide this from the EK society
      due to family ties and/or job concerns at
      the ESC. They maintain their memberships
      and go through the motions and put on a
      happy face and with an "act." In truth, they
      have left Klemp and codependence behind.
      They've taken that next step in the spiritual
      evolution of Soul. Thus, they (as Soul) pick
      and choose what helps them to see, experience,
      and know Truth from various, 360 degree
      and beyond, sources without the dependence
      upon a middleman (HK). Still, it's sad that
      Eckists have to do this, but at least they're
      not alone.

      BTW- People have "fooled" the religious
      conmen for centuries. For example, in Germany
      there is a pasta dish, Maultaschen (a Swabian
      ravioli), with meat smuggled inside. This was
      started as a culinary trick used by Catholics
      to eat meat when it wasn't permitted. And,
      I know of current H.I.s that by-pass Klemp's
      "Guidelines" whenever they get the chance.
      Let's face it... Hierarchies are KAL's invention!

      p.s. The Masters 4 Discourses is
      the last of 17 Discourses and was
      written in 1995... 14 years ago.
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