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4896The H.I. Letter 09/2009 by Rev. Harold Klemp

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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 1, 2009
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      Hello All,

      These are excerpts only. Klemp's
      entire article makes me question
      his mental acuity. Really! Something
      is wrong... it has to be. This is just too
      basic and simple-minded for chelas
      let alone H.I.s! [My brackets and caps]

      HK: "People's states of consciousness
      rise by small steps, over many lifetimes.
      For example, any of us would likely be
      uncomfortable IF a giant's hand should
      pick us up and unceremoniously plop
      us down in a London marketplace way
      back in Shakespeare's time."

      ME: Next, Klemp tells us all about how
      bad the living conditions were back then
      versus now. However, what's this about
      "a giant's hand?" Is this "giant" the sky
      God or the Mahanta (Klemp)? Do H.I.s
      really need the image of a "giant's hand"
      to pick them up and take them to London,
      and back in time? Is this "giant" another
      Unknown EK Master?

      HK: "Their level of consciousness guides
      their behavior. [1] BUT they are learning
      too, step by step, drawing even closer to
      ECK. Why am I giving the ABCs of spiritual
      unfoldment? So you Do Not forget."

      ME: Maybe it's Klemp who is having
      the memory problems! ABCs? That's
      really too basic for those (H.I.s) with
      a superior/normal consciousness!
      Isn't it?

      HK: "Let them recall for you your own
      early steps toward the ECK teachings,
      this time around. You need to remember
      the `baby` you in order to be a clear channel
      for the Mahanta. Small, itty-bitty steps do
      lead to love divine."

      ME: "This time around" I doubt that
      "the baby you" remembers or did all
      that much that matters! Do H.I.s need
      to be spoon fed too? I don't know what
      these H.I.s think, but it seems that Klemp
      is talking down, way down, to them!
      Why does Klemp want H.I.s to digress
      in consciousness to earlier times? Or,
      is he saying that it takes "itty-bitty"
      baby "steps" to get to that next initiation
      and that's why it's taking so long...
      the same old excuse! Darwin handed
      out plenty of Higher Initiations and
      Klemp got his share and more!

      Why doesn't Klemp ever mention having
      empathy in order to be a `clear channel?'
      [Isn't being 'clear' a Scientology term?]
      Anyway, Klemp can't relate to having
      empathy. And, perhaps, many of these
      long-time H.I.s have surpassed him in
      consciousness! Thus, this message is
      meant to control them (HK needs the
      vahanas) and he's trying to smooth
      out their long-standing frustrations,
      with the RESA hierarchy, as well as,
      with sitting on those 7th initiations.
      HK needs to remind them of their place
      as subordinates and servants within
      the EK hierarchy. They will, forever,
      be babies needing his care. I'll bet
      Joan will be the one changing the

      Anyway, next, Klemp has a standard
      Nigerian story. This one is about finding
      money on the ground and NOT picking
      it up because IF you do you can get sick
      due to Karmic effects. This, of course,
      doesn't and never did make sense to
      me, but I used to follow this nutty EK
      practice too! Silly me! Now, I see "found"
      money as a positive blessing. And,
      I don't get sick after picking it up and
      keeping it... never did before EK and
      don't now!

      In retrospect, it's a very superstitious
      and negative practice (Black Magic)
      to believe that found money is karmically
      bad. However, this superstitious and
      ritualistic belief/mindset probably sounds
      believable with most New Age ECKists
      anywhere, and not just in Nigeria!
      What spiritual Law does picking up
      lost money violate? Klemp is never
      too specific.


      HK: "[2] BUT a fellow passenger, who
      had been a listener until then, told a story.
      He admitted to being a lucky person
      who often found money in the street..."

      ME: Next, Klemp has a story about
      "Jen" and her depression due to her
      mother's death and how the Mahanta
      "gave" her two dogs, and then healed
      one of them via a miracle!

      HK: "`Jen' had suffered the unexpected
      loss of her mother Several Years Earlier
      and had then fallen into a deep state of
      depression. [3] BUT the Mahanta brought
      two Boston terriers, `Lady' and `Fifi,'
      into her life. They lifted Jen's depression."

      ME: Why did Klemp, the Mahanta, wait
      so long and then take credit? Why does
      Klemp take credit for only "good things"
      in the lives of his Chelas? Why didn't
      Klemp (the Mahanta) heal Jen's mother?
      Or, better yet, why didn't the Mahanta
      protect/heal Jen from having depression?

      And, couldn't HK comfort Jen with his
      words of wisdom or via dreams with
      her mother, etc.? See, this doesn't
      make sense that the "Inner Master"
      takes credit for giving her distractions
      or substitutes for her mother (two dogs)
      rather than resolving the issue of death
      with Jen and her recently departed mother.
      When non-ECKists buy two dogs, or have
      them given to them, after the death of
      a mother and/or father is the Mahanta/
      God (Klemp) doing this as well? No!

      HK: "Every day when Jen returned from
      work, the dogs would greet her at the
      door: Fifi would bounce; Lady, wiggle.
      That all changed one day. Fifi started
      for the door as usual [4] BUT suddenly
      let out a horrifying howl of pain. Alarmed,
      Jen took her to a vet."

      ME: Maybe Fifi found, and ate, some money
      while outside to potty! I wonder why she
      (this dog) had such Bad Karma? Maybe
      it was a "spiritual test" for Fifi? Nope! The
      dog had to go through this pain because
      Jen had to have a "dream" with EK Master
      Prajapati (the EK Master in charge of animals).
      Thus, Fifi was healed by Prajapati it was
      a "Miracle!" Apparently Fifi had a "change
      in consciousness." LOL! Maybe H.I.s should
      call upon Prajapati instead of the Mahanta
      (Klemp) to heal them as well!

      I'm still not sure why Jen didn't have
      a dream with her mother. After all, her
      mother's death is what caused her suffering
      and depression "years earlier!" Klemp,
      conveniently, skips over addressing this
      very important detail. So, why didn't Jen
      have a dream experience, with her mother,
      (or the Mahanta) that would resolve her
      depression? What happened to having
      an "inner" healing versus an outer one?

      HK: "So it is a reminder of how states
      of consciousness do vary. Let others
      know about the ECK, and the Mahanta
      will do the rest, as he sees fit, step-by-step."

      ME: That "as he sees fit" sounds like
      a disclaimer and a Catch-22! And,
      "states of consciousness do vary"
      sounds like another clever escape

      Thus, when things Don't Work Out for
      the chela it's because the Mahanta has
      judged him/her to be at fault. The chela
      is, always, to blame. The Teflon Mahanta,
      thus, can only do good and only takes
      credit for the "good" things that happen!
      Unless, it's a "spiritual test" for the H.I.,
      however, even "hard" tests lead to higher
      consciousness so it's All Good... again!

      BTW- Why does a chela need the ECK
      "and the Mahanta" to remedy a situation?
      Why not just call upon the Holy Spirit?
      That's what I do at times! Oh, I know why
      ECK H.I.s don't! It's the Codependency
      of Needing Klemp! The ECK is Free,
      whereas, the Mahanta (Klemp) charges
      money for an annual EK membership!

      Hey, I just realized that "found" money
      could be used for that annual EK Membership
      since it would be "donated" to a "non-profit"
      org. and would support the Mahanta's
      (God's) Mission around the world! Or,
      one could put the found money in a slot
      machine and take a chance on winning
      even more money to donate to ECKankar!
      Actually, EK H.I.s have done this!

      p.s. Klemp uses 4 BUTS and continues
      to contradict his own teachings found
      in another H.I. Letter. Thus, this H.I.
      Letter (teaching), too, must be just as
      insignificant and irrelevant.
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